its about a girl names callie whom travels with her mother to paris for her aunts wedding which would be in a month of time her mother lets her have fun and explore paris by her own do you think she can be all alone would she find love or a trouble maker?


7. chapter seven~

"come on lets go i need to take you back " harry demanded getting up from where he was sat pulling me with him "what no I'm not leaving you alone" i inquired "its not safe" he implied landing his hands softly on my hips as i glare into his eyes "don't make me pick you up and have you no choice" he said as he lifted me a bit from the ground "you're bluffing" i softly said "I'm not" harry said, lifting me up to his shoulders and me banging on his back "let me go" i could hear him giggle as he started to walk "ok fine i will go back" i shouted "good choice" "now put me down" i insisted,  he dropped me down. 

we were walking silently the way back to the hotel i was staying at, there was a point at where i just stared at him while walking i was fascinated the way his curls were perfectly defined the way some landed on his face as he lets them brush on his forehead  every time the wind blows, "fancying what i look like" he said with a smirk on his face i turned my head to the ground and blushed as he laughed. "pft pft no never" i replied. 


we arrived the hotel as i told him to take me up to the room and leave i was scared.  "alright you are going to be ok here bye" he said as he waved bye from the door "no no no wait" i said as i got a backpack and put some essentials like food extra clothes and more "what are you doing" he asked "I'm coming with you" "no you are not" he said as his face became all tense, his hand were closed as he squeezed tightly, it looked like he didn't want to get mad as i stared at him with each step him trying to calm down "I'm not leaving you alone" i said quietly coming towards him as his face got less tenser he breathed out slowly with his eyes locked up to mine "I'm not going to say this again you are going to stay here" he said and went out of the door i could hear him walking really fast "well if i cant come with you ill just follow you" i said to myself 

i grabbed my backpack and ran out the door and walked secretly just in case harry was still waiting for the elevator i peeked on the corner as i saw him standing there just wondering which elevator would come up first while twirling around "Callie" he whispered as i hid making sure he wouldn't see me "Callie i saw you" harry said as he stared walking towards me, he faced me while i was looking at the ground, he got his hands out of his pockets and  cupped my chin as he stepped closer and placed his face next to my ears, my chest rose and fell  "you have to stay" he whispered into my ears and pulled away.

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