its about a girl names callie whom travels with her mother to paris for her aunts wedding which would be in a month of time her mother lets her have fun and explore paris by her own do you think she can be all alone would she find love or a trouble maker?


1. chapter one ~

"turn the volume down its not good for your ears" my mum mumbled crossing the door to the airplane while two pretty ladies great us in. I nodded my head and smiled as i replied "it's my ears not yours mum i don't care". I searched for my seat that was laying there at the end it looked alone, i shook my head and sat my self down looking out the window. 

someone patted my shoulders which got me back to reality i took of my head phones off  and turned my head to the right. It was one of the workers asking me to put on my seat belts as i nod and buckle my self. 

i cant believe I'm an 18 year old who still travels with her mother thats just sad, the plane took off as i drifted to sleep, i waking up to sound of my mum waking me up and telling me to check out the view i itched my eyes and looked outside the window "its beautiful" you could see cars driving around looking like ants with clouds covering the green lands that gazed around them. 


"mum you're so slow come on lets go grab a cab to the hotel" "hold up callie I'm not as fast as you, even when i was as old as you". "wow paris is beautiful" mum gasped as she stepped outside of the airport. "come on mum get in the cab" i mumbled as i pulled my mum in and closed the door and told the driver to go to the hotel. sometimes i feel like im the parent with my mum.

me and my mother are here for my aunts wedding so we had to come but my mum chose to come really early like a month earlier well its her sisters wedding so i totally understand especially when I'm in a family which has two sisters and a brother. they still have school I'm the eldest i finished my exams so I'm stuck here with my mother.


"callie you are old now so you can go out whenever you want do whatever you like i trust you alright love and any trouble just tell me" my mum said as she slipped into her room and i went to hunt down for mine. i walked into the room and laughed with a smirk on my face and jumped onto the big bed that was soft and silky made me relax i shut my eyes for a while and checked the time, it was almost eight a.m. most people would go to sleep and relax but i headed out the room and wanted to explore paris all alone no museums no boring old things parents like. just fun and shopping what would go wrong?

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