its about a girl names callie whom travels with her mother to paris for her aunts wedding which would be in a month of time her mother lets her have fun and explore paris by her own do you think she can be all alone would she find love or a trouble maker?


4. chapter four~

i stopped by the gates of the park and checked behind me i couldn't catch a glimpse of the person behind me as someone had dragged me behind a tree hiding me "molly i thought you left" i questioned her as she looked behind the tree "not really i couldn't go when i waved goodbye i saw harry behind you, walking up to you, i knew you would run so  i just hid here till you arrived" she answered "oh well was he running after me" "not really he's still walking slowly we will stay here just to see what he does alright" molly said as i nodded. 

"here he is" i said peeking around the tree so he wouldn't see me "ok just hide don't let him see you" molly said pulling me in front of her as i kept my eyes on him, he walked easily , his eyes wondered around the park till a kid came up to him and gave him a flower as he giggled and took the flower the kid ran up to her mother, he continued walking getting closer to us not acknowledging we were behind a tree.  

"hey styles" we heard someone calling him as i climbed the tree to check who it was because it was difficult to see anyone behind the building, there were a couple of guys who seemed bitter by the expression on their faces, "i thought you said guys are scared from him" i asked looking at molly "they are if it was only him vs another not a group" she replied. one of the lads came closer up to him holding grip of his arm and pulling him with rage out of the gates "hey lets follow them" i said "are you crazy" "ya come on" i said jumping off the tree and going outside as they dragged harry up to a corner where no one would see. 

"if they catch us they would beat us up " "i doubt it" me and molly were watching them from a far but a near enough to see them as the guy who dragged harry punched him in the stomach "oh my god i didn't know they would actually fight" "Callie come on lets go i don't want to get into trouble" molly said as she took a step away "no come on" "you stay ill just leave i cant stay" she said as she ran away and me glaring at them while starting a fight one by one harry started fighting them back with rage. till two of the guys held harry back to the wall and started punching him which made him drop to the floor as one of the lads lift his leg "i cant believe I'm watching a real fight" i said to myself "aha" i heard a reply from behind me as the guy takes hold of my arms and me fighting back and running but my long hair prevented me as the guy pulled my hair and made me scream which made the other guys stop what they were about to do. 

"let me go" i demanded as he approached to the lads "let me go" "what will you do beat me" he said while the others started laughing as he pushed me against the wall "what should we do with her she can tell" "maybe she didn't hear anything" 

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