its about a girl names callie whom travels with her mother to paris for her aunts wedding which would be in a month of time her mother lets her have fun and explore paris by her own do you think she can be all alone would she find love or a trouble maker?


5. chapter five ~

looking into harrys eyes that were full of pain he was curled up as he struggled to get up they were too busy talking as i laid there pretended i couldn't do anything, i waiting for harry so he could get up with me. "Can you get up and fight?" i whispered to harry as he nodded "at 3 alright" i said as i lifted my hands to count to three "one" i closed my eyes then opened them to look at the group of lads "two" i stared into harrys eyes "three" i said as we both got up and started fight well technically harry was fighting i was just scratching and pinching i had no clue what i was trying to do. they all were in pain but not enough to let them go. 

there was the sound of the police far away but it was getting closer, harry glared at me and got scared as he caught me of guard pulling my hands and started running "just run" he said. 

"why are you running from the police it was self defense" i said while catching my breathe "because i did something awful that would get me arrested" he said as he looked around to find a way to hide. i was taking in the fact that when molly said trouble maker i didn't think it would be anything thats really bad "did you like kill someone" i asked he wouldn't answer "so you did" he looked at me and said "no i didn't" as he pushed me to the right and hid himself as well. 

i sat on the floor just looking at him wanting to ask a lot of question but i couldn't as he told me not to ask anything and if i did he wouldn't answer "why.." harry put his hands on my mouth and whispered into my ears "i know you have lots of questions right now but the group of guys are over the other side if they see us we both are dead because they are the ones whom killed someone" making his curly hair tickle my cheek that sent chills over my spine. 

as he moved his face away i looked around we were between two buldings there was a fence at the end of the two buildings and some windows that were on the side of the building on the right "follow me" he demanded as i stayed put "no" "i knew you were stubborn since i saw you" "what" i replied "do you want to die" he asked as he reaches his hand out to me "ugh fine" i said as i took hold of his hand "follow me and make every step i make" he said as i nodded he starts to climb from window to window to go up on the roof "hey hey what are you doing" i shouted as i was on the ground looking at him "shhh just come" he said as i went up. 

"hey mark look over there" a guy shouted pointed at us as we were climbing up to the roof "harry" i said as i gasped "shit" harry cursed looking at the group of lads while i nudged his arm. 

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