"He kept on talking, but his words faded away. They were drowned in the loud buzzing in the back of my head.
“Caleb” I meant to say his name normally, but my voice sounded weak and shaky. The room shifted and turned, my head was spinning and my stomach dropped.
“Rose, are you okay?”
I blinked once, twice, thrice, but it didn't help. I reached for the coke but didn't have the strength to lift it. I fell backwards against the floor, but through I could hear the bump in my skull, I didn't feel the pain. I could no longer hear Caleb talking to me, but I watched his face as the edges of my vision darkened until I could see nothing but utter blackness"

After a sudden blackout, sarcastic occult-fan 'Alyce with a Y' finds herself somewhere very far away from home, discovering truths about herself she'd never thought possible.

(Tilmeldt Fantasy-konkurrencen, valgmulighed 1)


6. A glimpse of the future

At first all I saw was deep, never ending blackness, but after a while I could make out the silhouette of the things around me. Slowly, my vision cleared, the colors brightened and I found myself somewhere vaguely familiar.

“Nate, what do I do?” Callista asked, her face buried in her hands. She was sopping quietly. They were both sitting on the edge of a fountain in the park we visited earlier, only a bit different. The air was chilly and the sky was a threatening red.

“There's nothing you can do, Cal” Nathaniel replied, brushing her back with his hand.

“But it's my job!” she cried, tears of frustration running down her cheeks. Her nose was red, though I couldn't tell whether it was from crying or from the cold. Nathaniel took her face in both his hands, forcing her to meet his gaze.

“But even you cannot do the impossible. You may be the Selected One, but your powers cannot help us. Don't blame yourself. This is how the Moon wanted it”

She trembled at his words. “But the Moonland will be destroyed, Nate. We don't stand a chance”

“Only time will tell” Nathaniel whispered, then to my surprise he leaned in and gave her a slow, passionate kiss. I felt an uncomfortable stab in the stomach though I couldn't tell why.

“Nate, Callie!” I yelled to my own surprise. They didn't react. “Guys!”

I turned away, my instincts telling me not to watch, but the sight behind me was yet another surprise. Nothing but darkness. I never see full visions, only pieces, Isebel's voice boomed in my head. Also, your friends cannot hear you. You're not in the future, you just see it. Then my stomach turned and the world around me changed once again.

“NO! It can't be happening!”

I blinked a few times to clear my vision, revealing Sapphire's disapproving frown. She was standing in the temple, her hands on the wall and her head bowed towards the floor.

“But Saph-” a muscular guy with deep-set, brown eyes reached out to touch her.

“NO, Lucas!” she interrupted, jumping away before he could reach her. She looked at him, eyes wide with anger and frustration, but also fear.

“I'm sorry” she whispered, “I can't control my powers right now. Who knows what would happen if you touched me?” she leaned against the wall and slid down until she was sitting on the floor. She looked exhausted. The boy, Lucas, sat down next to her.

“The Great Warrior of the Sun” he said flatly. “Who knew such a character would mean the end of our home?”

Sapphire met his gaze. “We could still make it, you know”

“But he's already conquered over half of our land” Lucas argued.

“I mean you and I. We could run away. Flee to the north”

“But there is nothing out there”

“Exactly” Sapphire whispered, all power and arrogance drained from her eyes. I gulped. Her face was drowned in sadness. Then their faces faded away and the gradually familiar change of sight redirected my attention.

“But Luna, why do we have to do it like this?” Nathaniel asked worriedly. I was looking at him, Callista and Luna. They where in some kind of forest, only the trees where pale and white and the ground was smooth and blank, almost like ice but warm to the touch.

“Because we need him to stand alone on the battlefield” Luna answered calmly.

“You'd be much safer in the main building” Callista argued softly. Luna turned to look at her, meeting her gaze with controlled anger.

“Safe? Do you think I want to be safe?” Luna gestured around them. “This is what I want to be safe. Our home. Our friends and families. Don't you get that? I'm the only person with the power to overrule his. If I'm safe, none of us are. And I will not be the reason you're both either killed or killing under his control” she spat. I smiled at her determination. The three adolescents looked at each other for a while, but Callista didn't argue further. Suddenly, the vision skipped, sputtered, jumped and left me somewhere completely different. I was watching Luna, now in a room I didn't recognize. The only furniture was a big double bed, and a person was sleeping in it. I could see the night sky through a big window. Luna approached the bed slowly and silently.

“Who's there?” a girl around my age sat up in the bed. Surprisingly, her hair and skin wasn't the same pale tones as everyone else. Her skin was a smooth olive and her hair was jet black. Luna didn't hesitate at her movement. She reached out and grabbed the girl's arm, staring into her eyes.

“You will obey my every command from now on” she ordered, her voice oddly double and mechanic. For the briefest of moments, the girl's eyes shined a pale blue. Then her muscles relaxed to Luna's touch.

“Yes” she said simply.

“You will stay here and act as if you answer to the Cobra. But when on the battlefield, you will turn against him and fight on the side of the Moon without hesitation”

“Yes” the girl answered again.

“You will never from this day on let the Cobra touch you”


“Now you will fall asleep, wake up, pretend, and never tell a soul about me”

“Yes” the girl said, then she lay back down. In that same moment, the scene was pulled away from me so quickly it took my breath away. I found myself in the office where Isebel had let go of my hands, breaking the vision. I met her wise gaze.

“The Moonland will be attacked” I said in a whisper. Isebel simply nodded.

“What happens if Callie is Selected?” I asked, confused with what I had just seen.

“Callista's powers are those of growth. She can ripe any fruit, grow every plant. But while those are beautiful, they are useless in war” Isebel said sadly.

“And Sapphire's powers?”

“Sapphire's powers could be useful. She will gain powers of healing and hurting, but with the limit of death. She cannot revive people and she cannot kill them with her powers, just hurt them to the brink of death. Her power will be well developed, and she will be able to use them with her entire body, sending out waves of either positive or negative feelings. Sapphire's problem, however, is her lack of courage and selfishness. If she is Selected, she will seem like the greatest of leaders. But when she is needed the most, she will flee with her guardian and hide, leaving the entire Moonland in the hands of faith”

“And Luna?” I continued.

Isebel smiled. “The war will be started by the so-called Cobra, a boy of the Sunfolk. As you might assume, the Moon- and Sunfolk are much alike. They are two sides of the same coin. Night and day impersonated. But like with sides of a coin, they are not meant to meet. However, the Cobra thinks the Sunfolk is made for greatness while the Moonfolk is meant to serve. The power he gains is that of control. He can make any person obey his will simply by touching them and telling them to do so. And after fooling around with it for a while, he will realize the potential of his gift. And with that, he starts a war"

“And Luna is the same” I understood.

“Luna is the same, and while he can overrule her powers, she can overrule his”

“Hence she can strip him from his army” I continued. “But I still don't get it. Why am I here?”

“You see, while Luna might be our savior, she still lacks the courage and will. My guess is that she is unconsciously drawing on all her strength, which eventually pulled in the piece of soul you carry.”

“And where is her soul while I'm here?”

“Oh sweetie, she's in there with you. You should've felt some of her will by now, but you might have interpreted it as being nothing but instinct”

I thought about it. I had actually relied more on my gut feeling than usually, I realized.

“And what about my body?” I asked.

“It's waiting for you to get back”

“But you said you were like me”

“Yes, well in my case, Isebel never chose to come back. I cannot force her. I think we're slowly merging”

“Then what about your body?”

“It must have withered by now”

I looked at her in shock. “Your real body died? But what if Luna never wants to take charge either?! I cannot have that happen to me. I have a life. A brother. A handsome vampire prince waiting to give me my slice of immortality. My parents would freak. Christ! It can't happen. I have to go back!” I yelled at her.

“Well, think about it like this. While you might think this does not concern you, it will decide whether you go back to your body or not. So while you could walk out of this room, create a mess and never care, Luna will most likely not have the courage to return to clean it up. So instead, I think you should do your best to follow her will, added the wisdom of the future and the strength she needs from you, so that you as soon as possible have created a world that she will want to return to”

I was speechless for a moment. It was either fix this shitty Selection-drama war mess or die in this hellhole.

“But what if I can't?” I spat. “I'm not freaking Zoey Redbird or Morgan Rowlands. Clary Fray might've been able to do this, even that Ever-chick with the crazy abilities. But I have no idea what this place is all about!”

Isebel laughed. “What is your name? Your real name”

“It's Alyce – with a Y”

“Well 'Alyce with a Y', you've done pretty well until now, haven't you?” 

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