A Big Change

Marcel has always been the class nerd! He has also has always wanted to go out with his crush, the most popular girl in school! Will he end up changing his life for a fresh start?


1. The 1st Day

Marcel's POV: 

"Okay thank you for sharing Matt. We have one... Well two if Laurence shows up." Our teacher Mr. George said. Matt is our popular guy in the school. Every girl wants to date him! But Laurence is in my class! This is just awesome! But she won't take me seriously even if I try to talk to her. "Marcel... Marcel..?" Mr. George says trying to get my attention.. "Oh sorry sir. Yes?" I say "Please go up to the front of the class and intruduce yourself." Mr. George says. "Yes sir" I said while pushing up my glasses.. I walked to the front of the class and all of the sudden SLAM! The door barged open and in ran Laurence with a tardy pass "Sorry sir... My.. Well it explains it all on the note." Laurence said "Thank you miss. Now will you please sit down." Mr. George points to the desk next to mine. "Sorry Marcel you may continue." Mr. George says. I can't belive she came today! Laurence is in my class! "Well... Hmmm, hello guys! As you know I'm Marcel! And I'm really happy that you guys are including me this year! I hope that we have a happy year! Ummmm... What else, oh yeah! I can't wait to have some new and improved projects!" I finished "Thank you Marcel. Now Laurence please go up infront and introduce yourself," Mr. George directed. I walked back to my desk and I heard Matt whisper "Huh, new and improved projects.." I was so embarresed! "Well hello... I'm Laurence! I play Soccer and I really hope to meet new people! Lets hope for a great year!" Laurence said, she walked back to her desk. The bell rings "Class dissmissed..." Mr. George said. I want to talk to her but I don't know how too... I walked up to Laurence "Hey Laurence!" I said "Oh hey Marcel what's up?" Laurence said "Wow, you're nicer than I thought!" I replied "Awww thanks! I just want to be incusive today...!" She smiles "well I better get going, Matt has to give me a ride home." Laurence waves good-bye and walks to Matt. Ugh, why Matt. Why him? Why not me..? Oh yeah, I'm a nerd. Nobody wants to date a nerd... I walked home and on the way Matt and Laurence drove past me! "New and Improved Marcel!" Matt yelled "Shut up Matt! You're such a jerk!" Laurence said. I just kept walking. Wow she stood up for me! I smiled the whole way home.

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