The Waitress

Johnna is a waitress at Nando's. Her boyfriend Josh has anger issues and hits Johnna when he gets mad at her. This all changes when Johnna meets Niall. He changes her life. Will Josh come back? Will he stalk her the rest of her life?

Please read this is my very first Movella so I hope you like and favorite it!!! :-)))))


1. How it Happended

Johnna's POV:

''ding ding ding'' I heard the timer go off on the oven. I ran over to get the biscuits out they were burnt a little bit but its not like my boss is here to see it. I took them out of the pan. Put it on the plate, put some butter and jelly on it and went out of the kitchen to serve it. I went over to table 20 ( my fav. #) and sat it down. Whenever I looked at the person he was the most perfect thing I ever saw. We looked into each others eyes and I knew he was the one for me. It was about 2 min. before I actually saw that everyone was looking at us. I cleared my throat, and walked away. I looked back and he was still looking at me. I knew he was looking at my butt so I decided to stick my tongue out at him. it looked like he got mad but I shook it off. As soon as I got back out to take his bill we actually talked. ''My name is Josh and might I ask what your name is?'' he said with his white teeth flashing out at me. ''My name is Johnna.'' ''mmmmhhhhh beautiful name, Josh and Johnna that sounds perfect together'' was he asking me out? Apparently reading my mind. '' yes I am asking you out.'' I didn't know what to say. Josh's POV: ughhhhh why is it taking her so long I might have to hit her even harder than usual. Yes I hit women. My process is simple actually I pretend that I'm a charming, honest bundle of joy and once they are with me I reveal the true, evil side. she finally said yes. '' yes!'' I pretended to be happy. ''So do you want to come to my house to meet my family?'' I was so lying I haven't seen my parents ever since I ran away. Johnna took off of work and I opened the car door for her. we got in and 5 min. later we were at my house. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. I went to her side and saw her face she looked scared. ''there's nothing to be scared of sweetie'' '' o-okay'' Johnna's POV: I have to admit I was scared his house was in the middle of the woods. ''Are you going to come or what?'' he shouted at me. ''can you take me home now?'' '' Oh sweetie you thought you are going to get to go home.'' he said in an sarcastic voice. I started to sweat badly. he came to me and hit me hard in the face. Then he just started beating on me. Saying stuff from what happened at nandos like me sticking my tongue out at him. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to his bed and you don't want to know what he did next. after he was done he slapped me and fall right to sleep next to me and both of us nude. He whispered '' if you try and escape I will find you and I will kill you.'' I gasped. whats wrong with this guy. ''why are you doing this to me?'' I shot back. '' makes me feel better.'' '' then why are you doing it to me?'' Because your beautiful'' and with that he fell asleep. I got up and got my clothes back on. I realized he's a rough sleeper. I snuck out the door and started running my life out I ran and ran. I found the closest house and started banging on it. Niall's POV: I was about to into a deep sleep and then I heard banging my door. I ran to get it so it wont startle my mother. I opened it and saw the most goergus girl in the world. she ran inside my house and I closed and locked my door. She looked like she was hyperventilating I ran to her and asked if she was okay '' are you okay '' I kept asking and then I heard a gun shot. she breathed in and managed to use all of her strength to say '' h-h-he's going to k-k-kill m-m-m-e'' '' whos going to kill you sweetheart?'' and then we heard a bang on the door. ''he is'' as I turned around a man about my size walked in. '' get back home slut! im going to kill you when I get home.'' she had worry in her eyes. ''no shes not going with you.''i said. I had a soccer ball next to me I kicked it in his face he dropped the gun I picked it up ''you leave and never come back here again or I will kill U.'' he nodded his head and stuck the bird at us and disappeared in the woods.

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