Are You Insane?

This is my diary. Why are you reading it? Everyone always wants to know everything about me. Why can't anyone just leave me alone? I didn't kill that boy. Or that girl. Or those twins. I didn't kill that old man that kept talking to me. Why can't you see that I am talking to someone? There is somebody there. I know that I always have someone with me.


13. Police Report.

Event information:

Date: January 1st 2012

Time of discovery: 7:21

Estimated time of event: 00:02

Name of victim: Johanna Iris McMillan

Cause of death: Suicide


Victim information:

Name: Johanna Iris McMillan

Age: 18

Occupation: Assistant at the Leisure Centre

Current education: -

Date of birth: September 18th 1994

Date of death: January 1st 2012

Parents: Sarah Jane McMillan & James Arthur McMillan

Parent Occupation: Formerly receptionist and dentist

Siblings: Fiona Anna McMillan

Pets: -

Other information: Parents deceased, elder sister deceased

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