Are You Insane?

This is my diary. Why are you reading it? Everyone always wants to know everything about me. Why can't anyone just leave me alone? I didn't kill that boy. Or that girl. Or those twins. I didn't kill that old man that kept talking to me. Why can't you see that I am talking to someone? There is somebody there. I know that I always have someone with me.


3. October 27th 2011

Dear Diary,

I wrote a poem today.


I cannot scream.

I awake from the dream.

Is it a nightmare?

Do I really own a hare?

My mind is crazy.

I keep seeing that daisy.

He calms my emotion.

As rough as the ocean.

They hate me.

I wish I was a bee.

A bee never worries.

A dog never hurries.

Never hides their thoughts.

Never feels like a nought.

All the things that I see.

Can you feel what it's like to be me?

Why am I there?

Does anyone care?

Do anyone need me?

Can you all see me?

Why don't I die?

It's easier than to lie.

My pain has ended.

I can't be mended.

Do you feel guilty?

Do you feel silty?

It is the end.

Please don't offend.

I can't help being dead.


Is it all in your head?


Is it all in my head?

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