Are You Insane?

This is my diary. Why are you reading it? Everyone always wants to know everything about me. Why can't anyone just leave me alone? I didn't kill that boy. Or that girl. Or those twins. I didn't kill that old man that kept talking to me. Why can't you see that I am talking to someone? There is somebody there. I know that I always have someone with me.


6. November 12th 2011

Dear diary,

I am holding the gun. I am cupping the bullets in my other hand. I can see her, but she can't see me. I can't keep hidden. I know that I have to get out of this hedge. The thorns are ripping my clothes, pulling at my hair, cutting my skin. I can't be seen. I must be seen. She must see what she has done to me, she is the girl who told my ex-boyfriend (the one that I had two years ago, before I was like this) that I worshipped him. She told him that I performed Voodoo on him, and of course, being the most popular and slutty girl in school, everyone believed her. Including him. He broke up with me in a storm of words, slaps and one gigantic heartbreak. Now she was going to get her own back. I stood up. If she turned around, she would be sure to see me amongst the hedges, waiting for the moment to pull the trigger. She turned. I pulled the trigger. It hit her straight in the chest, she fell backwards and broke her skull with a crack as loud as the gunshot itself. I broke her just as she broke me. I keep telling myself that she deserved it.

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