My Twin Brothers

This is about a teenage girl whos 15 and she lives with her twin brothers who are 19. There i one who is geeky and the other one is in a world wide boyband.


3. Chapter 3

* Marcels POV*

Its our first day without Harry and am missing him already. I woke Kayleigh up 10 minuets ago telling her its time to get ready for school. As I went upstairs I told her we had to go in 5 minuets. 

" KAYLEIGH MARIE STYLES GET UP NOW ! " I shouted at her as she was still asleep. Must have made her jump though because she fell out of bed. I started to laugh and i couldnt stop.

" Haha, very funny Marcel. You know i dont like to get up with out having to hear Harrys voice! I miss him so much Marbles. " I could tell she missed him because as soon as we got home yesterday she ran into his room and started to cry on his bed. My phone started to vibrate in my pocket. As i took it out I looked at the caller ID. When I saw the name i had the one of the biggest smiles ever on my face. I answered it and put it on loud speaker.

* Phone call *

Harry- ' Hey, I thought you would never pick up' I looked over at kayleigh and she slowly sat up as soon as she knew who it was.

Kayleigh- ' Harry is that you?'

Harry- ' KEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY ! ' Ow Harry thank you for deathening me

Marcel- ' Harry am glad you called, Kayleigh wont get up for school and am going to end up late'  Grasser I know. She still aint ready. Not even out of bed yet.

Harry- ' Kayleigh be good and get ready for school.... Marcel dont worry about being late. Okay I have to go... LOVE YOU MARBLES! LOVE YOU KEZZY !' 

Marcel and Kayleigh- ' LOVE YOU HAZZA !' We shouted at the same time. 

* End of phone call* 

I looked over at Kayleigh and she was actually ready for school. Its like Harrys voice is magic. I went into the car and took all kayleighs things in with me so we get there quicker. She got her food and came into the car and turned on the radio onto Capital. She started to sing along to the music as so did I as it was Best Song Ever . We both took a part in this but I had a bigger part than Kayleigh. I had to play the 'Marketing salesman '. It was really fun to make actually. I pulled up into the studants parking lot and saw Leeroy was already waiting for us. We greeted eachother and walked into school, over to our lockers, got our books then went to our firts lesson. I had ICT which i found quite fun. Where as Kayleigh , she had RE. She hated it even though she messed about in it. Always seems to get sent out. If she goes she would usually wait for her friend to get sent out and then would both walk up to my lesson. You could usually see them looking through the window, waving at me.


In ICT we had to create a video using a celebrity.  The video could be about anything and because am me I used Harry. The video was about yesterday. That he left and a week later he went back home and stayed there. Luckly I had my USB stick with me. So I saved it onto there so that when i got home I could send it to Hazza and show it to Kezzy. My teacher ended up laughing at me and telling me that I shouldnt be doing it about a ' gay boy who I would never see and that am too old do be doing it about Harry' Excuse me sir but he is my BROTHER and he aint GAY.. okay! I hate that teacher with my guts.


Finally it was lunch and Kayleigh found where me and Leeroy was. She started ranting that the food line it really long and how bad the school wifi is. She ended up having french. Probably didnt stay in the class room very long. I told her Leeroy was coing over for a while tonight and she seemed happy about that which am proud about. 


-Skip rest of school -

* Kayleighs POV * 

When i came home I ran straight into Harrys room and put on one of his shirts that he left. Still smelt like him. I sound obsessed about him but i swear down am not..... I just really miss him. After I put his shirt on i went onto the laptop and logged onto skype to see if Harry was on. Sadly enough he wasnt. While i was waiting for him to come on I went onto youtube. The first person to watch was Pewdiepie. He is so amazing. During the video he ended up falling which left me laughing untill I was in tears. After that it was time for a bit of Joey. He was so fit. I loved how green his eyes was. TO be honest I forgot Harry was away untill I went back onto skype because i had a call from him. I was so happy and so was he. He ended up asking how Marcel was. When he had to go we both said our I love yous and went. After he hung up on me I went into the shower and then to bed.


A/N- Hoped you guys liked it.... Its a bit longer than the rest of my chapters. Comment and tell me what you thing





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