My Twin Brothers

This is about a teenage girl whos 15 and she lives with her twin brothers who are 19. There i one who is geeky and the other one is in a world wide boyband.


2. Chapter 2

*Kayleigh POV* 


Its Harrys last day here with us today as he is about to go on his world tour. I hate it when he goes away for so long. Everytime i was upset i used to go and ask Harry what to do and he gave me the worst advise ever, so always used to go and ask Marcel if he wasnt busy and his advise was the best. I loved my brothers very much. If i wanted to play on the X-Box I would usually go up to Harry. Even when i was stuck on Batman he would help me. With Marcel I would ask him for help on my school work. He would draft everything up and i would have to Wright it out in neat. 


On the way to the airport was kinda upsetting. Harry said he would be away for over 3 months. 3 months with out seeing Hazza.

" But Harry, what happens if I get stuck on Batman? " I said to him quite sad. 

" Ask Marcel if he can try. " He said with his eyes still on the road.

" What about cooking food? " I was suprised Marcel asked this because he dont complain about food.

" Ohh... Mabels, I think your old enough to learn how to cook. " Me and Marcel was like the little ones of the 3 of us.

Harry stopped the car which ment we was at the airport. I saw the boys and ran over to give them all a hug.

" KEZZY! MARBELS ! " They all shouted in sync. Harry must have told them our names for me and Marcel because they use them all the time. We all got into a group hug before Paul told them that it was time to go. I gave each of the boys a kiss on the cheek unlike Marcel, he went for the cuddles. When i got to Harry i started to burst out crying.

" Hazza... I.. I ...Dont want... You... To go !" I said inbetween sobs.

" Shhhh Kezzy you and Marbels will be fine. He will look after you i promis. " He said soothingly to calm me down.

" Harry come on " Paul shouted. He gave me a kiss on the head and gave Marcel a tight hug before leaving. I ran over to Marcel and cuddled him not being able to bare watching Harry leave.

 After they went me and Marcel walked back in to the car and drove home with him driving. It was a silent ride and asoon as we got home i went up into my bedroom and did nothing. Lie on my bed and that was all.


A/N- Quite a sad chapter this...Comment and tell me what you think. 5 Comments and i will do the next chapter


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