My Twin Brothers

This is about a teenage girl whos 15 and she lives with her twin brothers who are 19. There i one who is geeky and the other one is in a world wide boyband.


1. Chapter 1

Hey! My name is Kayleigh. I am a 15 year old girl that lives in a town called Dewsbury. I have Green eyes and brown hair. I live with my brothers Harry and Marcel. There twins. Harry is one of them lads that travels around the world with his best friends Louis, Liam,Zayn and Niall. There all pretty cool and sometimes Paul lets me and Marcel travel with them. It turns into chaos. Marcel on the other hand, he is one of those that always gets bullied on at school. He only has on friend at school and she is called Leeroy. She is pretty cool. She dances alot. I always hang around with them at school. Everytime Harry wants to go home he always takes me. Where them people who hates to be apart. We dont see Harry as much as we used to any more. I still remember our nicknames we have for eachother. We still use them now. Mine was Kezzy, Harrys was Hazza and as more Marcel we had two for him. His first one was Marcie and the second one was Marbels


The First ever time me and Marcel saw The rest of the band Marcel said something to them all. I will remember this all my life. The first ever word he ever said to Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn was ' Am a big fan of you guys, cute as a button every single one of you '


A/N I just started wrighting this... Could anyone try and make me a cover for this please. I will try and update tomorrow.


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