My Demonic Neighbors

Alex Ray has had a normal life. She's an only child and has a reasonable amount of friends. She is well liked at school but does get bullied sometimes. But when she gets a new neighbor, everything changes. There have been murders in the town ever since her neighbors moved in. Is she safe? Will she be next?


10. 9. Hitting The Books

Alex's P.O.V:

When I walked into the living room, I saw Harry and his friends standing there. "James what are they doing here?" I asked confused. He just shrugged his shoulders while walking towards me. "We just wanted to make sure you got home safe." Zayn said. I gave him a glare before moving behind my brother.

"Well as you guys can see im fine. You can leave now." I said a bit rudely. I didn't want them in my house while my brother is here. All of them could harm him and I couldn't let that happen. He's the only one I have left right now. Zayn stepped forward and I took another step behind my brother. He got the hint that I didn't want them here.

"I think you all should leave now before I call the cops." James said sternly while gripping my hand from behind him. As James mentioned the cops, they held up their hands and started to walk towards the door. When I was sure they weren't in the house anymore, I came out from my hiding place behind James and hugged him.

"I dont like them James. They scare me." I told him honestly. They really do scare me and to think that they could harm James made them even more terrifying. James hugged me back, rubbing my back and reassuring me that they wouldn't step another foot into this house. I nodded my head and backed out of his embrace.

"Im going to go upstairs and read." I told him. He nodded his head before sitting on the couch to watch tv. When I entered my room, I locked my door and pulled back my covers to reveal all of the things that my dad had given me in my dream. I picked up the pen and admired the charms. I put the canister and cross in my night stand, making sure to use my blanket so I wouldn't get burned.

I returned back onto my bed and counted at least twenty books on my bed. They were written in Latin for most and the others were in Greek. Luckily I learned those two languages in a foreign language camp one year. I organized the books and set them down on my bed according to the ones I want to learn about first.

There was about two books per gift, so I had alot of reading to do. The first book I picked up was a book with spells and how to use them. It was all in Latin, but it didn't matter. I was going to learn everything I can and no one was going to stop me. I put the rest of the books on my book shelf and went back on my bed to read.

Zayn's P.O.V:

After my fluke with the spell, I decided to look into who Alex Ray really was. I looked at her ancestors and her heritage but I couldn't find anything. If her late relatives had a gifted blood line, they sure did keep it under wraps. I was currently hacking into the hospital records to access her and her late relatives blood records.

After about five minutes I was in and I looked at her late relatives blood records first. They didn't show any signs od gifted blood, but just to make sure I looked at Alex's blood records. When I looked at hers, it was the same as her late relatives. Nothing concluding to a gifted blood line. I looked at the doctors name and it was the same as her late relatives.

I searched up when they had passed and it was almost two hundred years ago. I smiled to myself, knowing I had found something useful. I logged off and went to go tell the boys my findings. I went into the kitchen and they all were there, with Niall's head in the fridge. I coughed to get there attention, and it seemed to work as their eyes landed on me.

"Guys I found something useful. I was looking up her medical records for her blood line for the past centuries, but I came up empty." I said. Before I could continue, Harry snapped in. "How is that supposed to be helpful Zayn?" I just glared at him and continued. "When I looked at her late relatives doctor and her's, I found that it was the same doctor. The time difference is about two hundred years."

There eyes went wide but no one said anything. I was about to say something when I felt a pain in my head. I just shook it off but the pain gradually got more intense. I gripped my head and yelled out in pain. "Ow!!!!!! What the hell is happening. Someone grab my wand!" I yelled falling to my knees. Niall came back in a quick second with my wand and put it in my hand.

I said started to speak Latin, a spell to stop the spell and overpower the other warlock. At first it started to work but then the pain just got worse. I tried to put a protection spell on my body, but the other warlock must be more powerful than me. "Its not working. The other warlock must be more powerful than me." I yelled in pain.

As the pain increased, I yelled louder. I could feel my body loosing conciseness, but right when I was about to pass out the pain stopped. I stopped yelling and I let go of my head. I got up slowly and held onto the table just in case I did fall. I looked at the boys and all their eyes were wide as golf balls. "What the hell happened to you? I thought you were powerful enough to take anything out?" Niall asked.

I thought for a second before answering. All the older warlocks were killed in conspiracy of world  domination. That makes me the oldest warlock alive. Or so I thought. It then clicked in my head. "Guys there is a more older, powerful warlock out there than me. That's why I couldn't stop their spell. They're all supposed to be dead, but when I did have my wand I could sense the other warlock. Its a girl and she isn't that old in human years. That's all I could get."

I said exhausted. That spell really took alot out of me. "Im going to go rest and in the morning I will do more searching." As soon as I let go of the table, my legs failed me. I ended up on the floor, almost face first. Niall grabbed me before I could plant my face on the ground. He pulled me up and the rest of the boys helped him carry me to my room. When my head hit the bed I was out like a light bulb.

Alex's P.O.V:

While I was reading the books my dad had given me, I found a way to talk to him beside in my dreams. All I had to do was get a piece of paper, write his name in Latin on the paper and he would get my messages that I wrote on the paper. I asked him all sorts of questions like 'How could I mess with them?' and 'Which one should I choose first?'.

Dad said Zayn should be the first one to mess with and that I should mess with his head. I flipped to a section on mind spells and there was one that caught my eye. The spell could cause massive pain to the brain, and since Zayn is a warlock I had to intensify the pain. I held my charmed pen in one hand and placed the other on the book.

I recited the spell and held my pen higher in the air. It said that if I wanted to increase the pain, all I had to do was hold my pen up higher and say the spell faster. At first I started off little, like it was a migraine and gradually it got more and more intense. I had a mirror next to the book, so I could see what had happened to Zayn.

I looked away from the book and looked in the mirror. He had dropped to his knees and gripped his head. I kept it going for a little longer, then I stopped. I did have a heart so I couldn't kill him. Plus I already knew that Zayn had found out about my doctor being two hundred years old. I did my little trick to throw him off of my trail.

Dad said that I was special and that if anyone found out that I would be captured and preyed on. I didn't really want that. Dad also told me that since the family blood line was all made up of boys, that James too had gifted blood. I didn't understand at first because dad had said that James didn't have gifted blood.

Dad said that James was a werewolf. A blood line from way back and that was why there was no traces of it in his blood. It only becomes visible in his blood, when he changes for the first time. Since the first transformation isn't until your nine-teen, it wasn't visible. After dad had told me, I now understood why he said to never leave James.

James is turning nine-teen in a few weeks and I needed to be there for him. I also asked dad what I should do. James has no idea that this will be happening to him and he will be confused. I told dad that I was going to tell him. Tell him about his gifted blood and the transformation he was soon going to face. My dad didn't object to my proposal but said that I should be careful.

He also told me a spell that I could use, to help James and not be harmed by him. Basically the spell put a protective barrier around me so I can't be touched or hurt. Since I wasn't on the book for werewolves yet my dad told me all of the things I needed to slow his strength down and to keep him in one place. I needed a water bottle with wolf-spane in it, chains that can withstand the weight of a ton, and extra clothes.

I put all of the books I was reading on my bookshelf and my pen in my night stand drawer. I looked at the time and saw it was six in the afternoon. I decided to get some food since I was starving. I put my hair into a bun and walked down stairs to the kitchen. I was going to grab a sandwich when I saw my brother sitting on a stool bouncing his leg.

"James are you alright?" I asked him while putting my hand on his shoulder. He turned around and his eyes were a glowing silver. I stepped back in shock. "James why are your eyes glowing silver?" He shook his head. "I dont know Alex. I was brushing my teeth and then I noticed my eyes were silver." My eyes were wide but then it clicked. "James I need to tell you something. You might not believe it but its true."

He nodded his head and I led him into the living room. I sat down on the love seat and he sat opposite if me. I fiddled with my fingers for a couple seconds until James spoke. "So what do you need to tell me?" I let out a deep sigh before speaking. "James has dad ever told you that our ancestors had a gifted blood line?"

He cocked his head to the side in confusion. "What do you mean by gifted?" He asked. "James your blood line is a line of werewolves. Your blood line is from way back so that makes you more stronger, faster and more powerful. I know you may not believe me but its true. The blood line is dated to way back and every person who had the gifted blood was a boy." I said letting  it sink in before I continued.

"But when dad took me to the same doctor as you, the doctor found all of the gifts from our ancestors in my blood, making me the only one of my kind. Since all of the gifted people are guys, dad was shocked when he found out that I had all of them and since I am a girl." When I looked up at his face, it wasn't one of shock or fear, but one of concentration.

"I remember dad telling me stories of our ancestors and how they possessed special gifts but I never actually believed the stories were true. But if they were all guys, how did you get all of the gifts?" He asked. It was my turn to be confused. "I dont know. Dad said that I was special and that no one can find out about me."

I said. "But what are you really made up of?" James asked. I bowed my head, not wanting to look him in the eyes when I spoke. "I have all the blood lines of werewolves, vampires, warlocks, shapeshifters, demons and angels. I already know how to use my warlock powers because dad showed me. And you know those boys that came over earlier?"

He nodded his head so I could continue. "They all have a gifted blood line too. Liam is a vampire, Niall is a werewolf, Louis is a shapeshifter, Zayn is a warlock, and Harry is half demon half angel. I was mad that they didn't tell me and I had been so open to them. So I played a trick on Zayn to get him off of our tracks."

When I said that I had played a trick on Zayn, James had a smirk on his face. "What are you smirking about?" I asked him. "Your becoming a little bad ass aren't you sis?" I just laughed at his comment. He laughed with me. When the laughter died down James spoke. "So when am I supposed to change?" "Well on your nine-teenth birthday is when you go into transition. I have some things to help you and I can put a spell on myself so I wont be harmed."

I told him, standing up to get food. I walked in the kitchen and started to make myself the sandwich I came down here for. James followed me in the kitchen and hugged me. I was caught off guard but comforted. Once he let me go, I turned around with a confused expression on my face. "What was that for?"

"What I cant hug my sis?" He asked in a teasing tone. I playfully smacked his arm. "Alright I just dont think that my sis should be dealing with all of this. You are one brave girl you know that." What my brother just said touched me heart. Instead of answering him, I hugged him. Really tight and I wouldn't let go. He hugged me back and we stayed like that for a while.

James was the first to pull back and then I did too. I didn't want to though, I felt safe with James. Most siblings fight and yell at each other, I mean me and James do that too but we only do it for fun. I grabbed the sandwich I made and headed for the stairs. "I'll be in my room, hitting the books." I told James while walking up the stairs. He just nodded his head and turned the t.v on. Time to learn more about my gifts.

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