My Demonic Neighbors

Alex Ray has had a normal life. She's an only child and has a reasonable amount of friends. She is well liked at school but does get bullied sometimes. But when she gets a new neighbor, everything changes. There have been murders in the town ever since her neighbors moved in. Is she safe? Will she be next?


8. 7. Big Mistakes

Alex's P.O.V:


It was almost ten o'clock on a Friday night and I had absolutely nothing to do. I wanted to get out of the house so I called the girls and asked if they wanted to go clubbing. Of course being the girls they are agreed and said they would meet and my house in an hour. That didn't give me much time so I quickly hopped in the shower.

When I got out, I put on my vanilla scented lotion and did my make-up. I did a smoky eye with purple tints, mascara and blood red lip stick. Next for my outfit, I pick a one shoulder tight purple shirt with black leggings and paired it with studded black heels and a clutch. After I got done straightening my hair, the door bell rings. I put my phone and keys in my clutch and head down.

As I open the door, Ashlee, Mall, and Caroline come rushing in. Ashlee wore a tight red strapless dress that came to her knees with black heels. Mall was wearing a dark blue tube top with sleek black leggings and dark blue heels. Caroline had on her famous tight black and red dress that came to her knees with red heels. They all had on blood red lip stick.

After we grabbed a bite to eat and ate some bread, we headed off to the club. Since I was the only one closest to being eighteen, I didn't need a fake ID like the girls did. As soon as we got there we headed for the bar. Ashlee ordered shots and Caroline and Mall ordered captain and coke. I didn't like liquor that much so I just got a beer.

We were all sitting at the bar, watching the sweaty people dance when Ashlee nudges me. "Hey I think that guy is checking you out." She said pointing to a guy, leaning on the wall. She was right, he was definitely looking at me. I decided to play with him so I winked at him and turned around. What I didn't know was that coming to the club was my first mistake tonight.

They guy came over and asked if he could buy me a drink. "Beer please." He replied with an alright and ordered two beers. He started talking to me but really I wasn't interested. I was off in my on little world when he asked my name. "Alex. Whats yours?" I said to him. He was now only inches away from my face and I didn't like it.

Sure I like to party and go to clubs, but I dont let guys take me home. The girls are the same way too. He finally answered me, saying his name was Daren. He scooted closer to me and put his arm on my leg. I knew what he was trying to do and I didn't like it. I took his hand off of my leg and put it on his. I could tell there was a smirk on his face because he did it again.

I was getting really irritated so I got up, told the girls I was leaving and left out of the back of the club. Once I got out side I cursed at myself, seeing as I didn't bring my car this time. It want that far a walk but it felt like forever in heels. As I was walking home, I felt someone grab my arm and pull me into an alley. I was pushed up against the wall and I saw that it was Daren from the club.

"No one walks away from me babe." He said into my ear. A shiver ran down my spine at him calling me babe. "Im not your babe so f*ck off." I said to him, kneeing him in his balls. I tried to run away but he grabbed my leg and threw my on the ground. As he got on top of me, I screamed with all my lungs. I was hoping someone would have heard me.

Right when he was about to kiss me, the guy was thrown off of me. I didn't realize my eyes were closed until I opened them. I couldn't see me savior's face, only the outline of his curly hair. My rescuer yelled at the perv and kicked him, before helping me up. He asked me if I was alright. Honestly I didn't know if I was or not but once we got out of the alley, I nodded my head.

I looked up at him and studied his features. He had stunning green eyes, bouncy curly hair, and heart shaped lips with the perfect shade of pink. As I looked at him more closely I realized it was Harry. "Alex? What are you doing in this part of town?" He asked me. "Harry? I was just out with my friends when that guy grabbed me."

I said, my voice cracking at the end. I looked down at the ground and then looked back up at him. "Thank you for saving me Harry." I said and gave him a hug. He didn't wrap his arms around me at first but after a while he did. I was to lost in the hug and the warmth his body gave me that I wasn't paying attention to him. I napped out of my daze when he asked if I wanted to come with him to his mates' house.

I just nodded my head and gave him a smile. He smiled back and lead me to his car. His car was quite huge so he had to help me up. Before he closed the door he told me he had to make a quick call. I nodded my head as he closed the door. It was going to be a while before he got back in the car so I decided to take a nap. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the window.


I was in a clearing in the woods. I was sitting on the ground when I heard a crunch in the woods. I looked around but saw no one. I decided it was nothing, but then a person comes out of the woods. As I look up I realize it is my dad. I get up and run to him. When I get to him I give him a hug. "Dad why haven't you and mom come home?" I asked him. He stroked my hair, looking down at me with sad eyes.

"Sweetheart do you remember saying that you are different from every other girl in the world? That you were ment to be great? Well its true. I know you can see angels and demons am I right?" My eyes were wide. "Those people are angels and demons? I thought I was going crazy. But why can I see them and why am I ment to be great?" I asked my dad.

He took my hand and brought my down on the ground and he sat infront of me. "Yes they are and you can see them because your blood is special. I have the same blood in you, that means I can see them too. Your mother cant and neither can your brother.

You are ment to be great because you have powers no one on this earth has ever had. You blood is special. Way more special than mine. Im sorry I cant come home but I will see you in your dreams.? He said with sympathy. I grabbed his hands and squeezed so he would go on. "Remember when I said to never lose your angel?

What I ment was that the angel on the cover means pure good so If you need to disappear from a place, all you have to do is picture that angel and the place you want to be. I have to go now Alex but I will see you soon." I didn't want him to leave. I gripped onto his hand tighter but he was already gone. I sat there tears brimming my eyes when I suddenly started to shake lightly and then I blacked out.

*End Dream*

I was woken up to Harry shaking me. He helped me out of the car and into the house. I cant wait til I see my dad again. I knew he was right by the way he knew I could see things other people couldn't. When we walked into what I presume is the living room, everyone's eyes were on me. When I step foot in that room I knew it was a mistake coming with Harry.

The energy in the room was bad and I didn't want to be in this room. I was happy when Harry walked into the kitchen, causing me to follow him. He asked me if I was hungry so I just nodded my head. I took a seat at the bar and fiddled with my fingers. I wasn't paying attention to Harry so when he was done talking I just nodded my head again.

I have this bad feeling about the boys and Harry. My gut tells me that their bad and I shouldn't be involved with them. I was snapped out of my daze when Harry sat down next to me and started talking. "Alex you dont have to be shy. Im not going to hurt you. Neither are the boys." I looked up at him smiling and gave him another hug.

I dont know what it is but even though my gut says he's bad, I feel safe with him. We were interrupted my the rest of the boys coming in and sitting down. Niall asked what we were cooking and Harry answered with Pizza. Liam finally spoke. "So Alex tell us about yourself." I didn't know what to say really. I told him the basics and one question led to another.

It was getting kinda stuffy in the kitchen so I asked if we could go back in the living room. They nodded their heads and we went in the other room. When I sat down, I thought of what I was going to say. They asked my about my parents and that was a touchy subject for me. I told them why I lived with my brother and then I told them about my dad.

I missed him so much I didn't realize that I had told them that if I believed in mythical creatures I could see them and that I could. My dad would always say that to me. My eyes went wide and I told them that I had to go and that I would just walk home. When I got out side, I decided to try out what my dad had told me, so I closed my eyes and pictured my angel and house in my mind.

When I opened my eyes again, I was infront of my house. I was amazed that it had really worked. I went in my house and went straight up to my room. I took off my party clothes and changed into more comfortable clothes. After I was done brushing my teeth, I crawled into my warm covers and immediately fell asleep.

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