My Demonic Neighbors

Alex Ray has had a normal life. She's an only child and has a reasonable amount of friends. She is well liked at school but does get bullied sometimes. But when she gets a new neighbor, everything changes. There have been murders in the town ever since her neighbors moved in. Is she safe? Will she be next?


7. 6. Down Town Incidents

Harry's P.O.V:  

Ive been in my house all weekend just thinking about Alex non stop. I cant get her out of my mind, and the thought of my Boss saying that she was different made me even more curious about her. I decided to get out of the house so I called my mates and had them meet me down town.


I grabbed my car keys, phone, and wallet and headed to my car. Ok so there is something you should know about my mates here. They aren't normal. Niall is a werewolf, Liam is a vampire, Louis is a shape-shifter, and Zayn is a warlock.


We all formed this coven like thing and we all stick together. Since Liam and Niall are the ones who go on a blood thirsty killing rampage, we had to by a house in the woods for our coven. Usually I would stay in the house with the rest of the lads, but since I have special orders i had to get a house in town with people around.


Once I got into the down town part of the neighborhood, I suddenly got this massive headache. You see since my master is the devil, I have to do certain things to stay immortal. That meaning I have to take a soul in order to live.


I dont really like it but I have to or my Boss will kill me. Its either kill or be killed and I dont want to be killed. Plus I dont take innocent people's souls. I take the soul of people who have done horrible things to people. I pull over on the side of the road and go looking in any alleys hoping to find a jerk or maybe more than one.


As im about to give up I hear a scream coming from an alley a bit further down. I run towards the screams and find a pervert on top of a girl. I rush over and pull him off of her. "Hey you sick pig. Leave her alone." I say while kneeing him where the sun dont shine.


I turn around to the girl and help her up. "Hey are you alright?" I asked her. I start to guide her out of the alley and I see her nod her head. When I get a look at her face, I cant believe it. Its Alex. "Alex? What are doing in this part of town?"


I asked her nicely. "Harry? I was just out with my friends when that guy grabbed me. Thank you for saving me."  She said giving me a hug afterwards. I was hesitant at first but I finally wrapped my arms around her.


"Any time. Hey I was just heading to my mates' house do you wanna come? I dont want you to walk home by yourself with that perv still out around." I asked her still in our hug. She pulled back and just nodded her head. I led her to my car and helped her into the passenger seat.


"I just have to make a call saying that im bringing a friend. I wont be long." I said closing the door. I dialed Niall's number and was relieved when he answered.

*Phone Conversation*

Harry: Hey Niall

Niall: Hey Harry whats up?

H: Well im calling to let you know that You and Liam have to eat early because im bringing a friend over.

N: Ooo. Is it a lady friend?

H: Yes it is Niall and no you guys cant have your fun with her. Please just put up the usual stuff and get out the human food.

N: Awe alright. You're no gun Haz. I'll tell the other lads.

H: Alright. Oh and Niall she doesn't know about us so tell them to keep their mouths shut.

N: Will do. See ya Haz.

H: See ya Ni.

*End Conversation*


I put my phone back into my pocket and got into my car. I started the engine and was off to the lads house again. Every now and then I would look over at Alex to check on her only to see that she had fallen asleep. She looked like an angel when she was asleep.


I pulled up to the house and walked around to wake up Alex. "Alex. Alex we're here. Wake up Alex." I said shaking her shoulders softly. Her eyes finally fluttered open and she yawned. I chuckled at her cuteness an =d helped her out of the car.


I didn't bother to knock on the door because it was my house too. When we reached the living room, everyone's eyes landed on us. "Hey boys this is Alex. Alex this is Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis." I said pointing to each boy as I said their name.


She gave them a smile and waved at them as the boys said their hellos. "Alex are you hungry?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen. She followed me and nodded her head. It was cute how she was so shy right now. I walked over to the fridge and got out the pizza and stuck it in the oven.


"Is pizza alright?" I asked her. She nodded her head. I chuckled at her and went to sit by her. "You dont have to be shy Alex. Im not going to hurt you. Neither are the boys." I said reassuring her. She just smiled and hugged me again for the second time tonight.


I hugged her back but we were interrupted by the boys coming in the kitchen. "What are you cooking?" Niall asks. I just rolled my eyes. He could literally eat all day and not gain a pound. "Pizza." He just nods his head and goes in the fridge to get a drink.


The rest of the boys came and sat down. Alex scooted closer to me, obviously feeling uncomfortable. I rubbed her back to try and comfort her just as Liam started to talk. "So Alex, tell us about yourself." She hesitated at first but finally spoke.


"Um my name is Alex Ray. Im seventeen. I live with my older brother James. That's it really. What else do you wanna know?" She asked shyly. I just smiled but then frowned at her mentioning that she lived with her older brother.


"Alex where are your parents?" She looked up at me with pure sadness and sorrow in her eyes. She shook her head, letting her hair fall around her face. "I dont know." I looked at the boys and their eyes were wide. "What do you mean you dont know?" I asked her.


"Can we go in the living room?" She asked. I nodded my head and me and the boys followed her into the living room. As she sat down, I took the seat next to her and the rest of the boys sat around her. She took a deep breathe before she started to talk.


"My mom and dad left when I was twelve. Im seventeen now, that makes it five years since they left. They didn't tell me where they were going, only that I wasn't supposed to leave my brother and never lose my angel." I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.


"Whats your angel?" Niall asked. She sighed before speaking again. "My angel. Its my diary that my dad gave to me. He said he found it one day and since I liked angels black or white, he decided to give it to me. He told me never to lose it because it would come in handy when I needed help the most.


I never really knew what he ment by that though. My dad was the best dad anyone could ask for. He would tell me stories about mythical creatures and he said that if I believed them, I would get to see them. I guess he was kind of right."


Her eyes went wide as she said the last sentence. I was about to ask what she ment but she spoke again. "I have said to much already. Im sorry but I have to go. I'll just walk home." She said walking out the door. I went after her but when I looked out the door she was gone.

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