My Demonic Neighbors

Alex Ray has had a normal life. She's an only child and has a reasonable amount of friends. She is well liked at school but does get bullied sometimes. But when she gets a new neighbor, everything changes. There have been murders in the town ever since her neighbors moved in. Is she safe? Will she be next?


2. 2. Bad Feeling

Alex's P.O.V:

After school was over, I put the books I needed in my bag and walked over to my friends. "Hey guys do you wanna come over for a while?" Ashlee was the first to answer, "Yah sure." Caroline and Mall agreed and we started to walk to my house. While we were walking, I got this feeling someone was following me.


I took a glance behind me but no one was there. I just shrugged it off and continued walking. Once we got close to my house, I saw that someone had moved into the house next door. I was weird 'cause that house has been empty for years. Caroline nudges me with her elbow before speaking. "Looks like the new hottie from school lives next door to you Alex." I just rolled my eyes at her remark.


"Good for me." I added sarcastically. They all laughed as we entered my house. I put my bag down and took off my shoes and the girls did the same. "Ok so what do you guys wanna do first?" Mall spoke up after being quiet the whole time. "We could prank call people." "Ok who's first." While we were thinking we went up to my room and sat on my bed. "Ok I got one. Caroline remember that ex of yours that cheated on you? Do you wanna get back at him?"


 Her face lit up with excitement. "Definitely." She got out her phone and searched for his number. "What should I say?" "Well first block your number so he wont recognize it's you calling." After she blocked her number Ashlee told her what to do. "Ok well you know his new girlfriend right? Well I caught her locking lips with his best mate. I snapped a picture just in case." "Wow he's about to get a taste of his own medicine." Caroline dialed his number and when he answered she made her voice deep.

*Phone Conversation*

Ex: Hello?

Caroline: Hi I have some bad news to tell you.

Ex: What's the news?

Caroline: I have evidence of your girlfriend locking lips with your best mate.

Ex: Your lying.

Caroline: Oh but im not. I'll text you the picture.

Ex: Alright bye.

*End of Conversation*

After the phone call Caroline sent him the picture, her number still blocked. We were all laughing. I know its cruel to laugh but that pig deserved what he got coming to him. After we prank called one more person we decided to get some food.


We went down stairs to make pizza. "Guys im gonna go get some soda. Any choices?" Mall and Ashlee wanted Root Beer and Caroline wanted Dr Pepper. "Alright I'll be back in a bit." I grabbed my phone and started to walk to the store.


When I got in the store I grabbed the soda, paid and headed back home. On the way home I had to pass an alley and I thought I saw someone standing there. I stopped in my tracks and looked into the alley. Sure enough there was a figure standing in the alley but in blink of an eye it was gone.  


I just shrugged it off and continued walking home. When I got on my street, I swore I felt someone breathing on my neck. I looked behind me, but no one was there. This is turning out to be one weird day.

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