My Demonic Neighbors

Alex Ray has had a normal life. She's an only child and has a reasonable amount of friends. She is well liked at school but does get bullied sometimes. But when she gets a new neighbor, everything changes. There have been murders in the town ever since her neighbors moved in. Is she safe? Will she be next?


14. 12. Finally Home

James' P.O.V:

Im not going to lie, it was pretty scary watching my sister transform like that and what she did to Harry was amazing. She had told me what she could do and she even showed me a trick she could do. Im happy that my sister is one of a kind because that make her unique, but its also sad. Im her older brother, im the one who supposed to protect her not the other way around.

I was watching t.v. in my living room when Harry showed up. I remembered Alex saying that she didn't want him in the house and I wasn't planning on letting him in. The only reason I let him in was because Alex said it was fine. But right when Harry said he had told his boss, all hell broke loose, literally. She had transformed so fast and she looked scary as hell.

I just sat on the couch not interfering. This is Harry's own fault and he deserves anything my sister gives him. I told him that he had gotten her so pissed and that he should just relax because he wasn't moving until she was done. Alex had put her hands by his head and started to scream words in a different language, Latin I think.

You could tell she was pissed and I knew was she was doing cuz that was the trick she showed me. The trick was that after she was done saying the spell, the persons head would hurt but that was only the start. The person would then feel nausea, turn pale and basically seem as you were dying. When she was done, harry had pushed her down, said something I wasn't paying attention to and then left the room.

When I snapped out of my trance, I looked up and saw that my sister was back to normal but her eyes were wide and her mouth open. "Whats wrong Alex?" I asked, getting up and walking over to her. She looked at me and tears started to fall out of her eyes. "I never knew that he liked me James. He just confessed that he loves me and then he stormed out."

My eyes were wide too. I never would have thought that Harry liked, let alone love my sister. He just seemed like a creepy and scary dude to me. "Alex go up at your room and sleep. You need it. Im going to go talk to Harry and Niall." I said, hugged her and nudged her to go up to her room. She nodded her head and listened to me.

I made sure she closed her door before I got my shoes and coat on and left. I got in my car and starting driving to their house. I remember Alex telling me where they live, and at the time how I thought it was odd that they lived in the woods. It took me about twenty minutes to get through the woods and another ten to find their house.

I parked my car right in front of their house so they knew someone was here. I slammed the car door closed and stomped my way to the front door. I pounded my fists on the door getting impatient with them. After about five minutes, someone opened the door. I didn't even wait for them to speak as I let myself in and search the house for the two boys I came to talk to.

I ignored the person yelling at me and came to a stop at a door with an Irish flag on the door. I guessed this was Niall's room, remembering his accent. I didn't even knock as I opened the door and found him laying on his bed. His head snapped up in my direction and even before he could speak, I said "Get your ass up and follow me now. Where's Harry's room?" I asked him.

I didn't have to tell him twice as he got up and showed me the way to Harry's room. Just like I did to Niall's door, I didn't knock as I barged in. He too was laying on his bed, but he didn't snap his head at the sound of his door being slammed against the wall. "Harry get your ass up now. You and me need to have a talk. You too, Niall." I said in a serious tone.

Unlike Niall, Harry didn't listen as he just stayed in bed. I didn't have time to deal with his crap so I walked over to his bed and slapped his across the face. That surely got his attention as he got up and looked at me with anger in his eyes. "Good now that your up we need to talk." I said as I walked over to the door and closed it.

You see since my sister is a warlock or witch, she put a protective spell over me so that I couldn't get hurt. That is how I got the courage to slap Harry, knowing even if he tried to harm me that he couldn't. Anyways, after I closed the door, I turned around to see four eyes set on me. "You too boys have caused my sister so much pain."

I started off. "You Niall, telling her that you love her and asking her to be your girl. I get it you haven't had a girlfriend in a while and you wanted to have one, but that doesn't mean you ask my sister. And before you even ask a girl out, you ask your best mates if it's alright first cuz you never know if one of your mates like her too."

I said while looking at Harry as I said the last part of my sentence. "And Harry, my sister asked you to keep her gifts a secret from your Boss and yet you still told him. Remember those words my sister was saying as she held her hands by your head?" I stopped asking him. "Yah but all she did was give my a slight headache that's it." He said with attitude.

"Well then you're in for a surprise my friend. That spell she put on you doesn't just give you a headache, it gives you nausea, makes you sleep more and it make your skin pale as you were going to die. It wont kill you, but you will be in extreme pain, can't move cuz it will hurt so bad and you will keep throwing up even when your stomach is empty of food." I told him with a smirk on my face.

His eyes were wide as I told him this. "Now Harry tell Niall what you told Alex." I said. He sat down on his bed, took a deep breath before he looked up at Niall. "I told my Boss about Alex and her gifts out of anger. The first day of my assignment was when I saw her in school and I knew that she had to be mine. I did everything to get her to like me but I guess she only has eyes for you."

Harry said looking at Niall. "Alex was supposed to be mine and you took her away from me. I love her Niall, more than you do. I actually hang out with her and got to know her a bit and I fell in love with her kindness and her sweetness. You just fell in love with her looks. Its not fair that I was being so nice and caring towards her but you got her by doing nothing." He finished.

Niall's face held pure shock. They looked at me as if what to do now. I went over and sat down next to Harry. "Honestly guys, if I had to choose who got to be with her, I'd pick Harry but that's not my call to make. Niall you may say you love her but do you really or do you just want a girlfriend?" I asked him.He looked down at his feet ashamed.

When he looked back up, his eyes were a darker blue than they were before. I remember Alex telling me that if a werewolf's eyes get darker in shade, its either from lust or they're angry. Im going with the second one since he's not gay and the room has no girls in it. He took a step closer to me and punched me in the face.

I just stood there and watched him as his hand came flying back at him and he ended up hitting himself. "Oh did I forget to mention that my sister put a protective spell around me? You cant touch me and your so lucky I cant change Horan or else you'd be dead right now." I threatened him. He looked back at me his eyes turning darker.

"I think you have it wrong little boy, im stronger and older than you. You'd be the one dead." Niall spat at me. Just then, something triggered in me as I stood up. I was about to yell at him when I felt my bones being broken and changing. I looked up at him and managed to speak. "You keep forgetting my blood line goes back farther than yours Horan. Im older and stronger than you, so I'd run if I were you."

I said falling to my knees. I knew what was happening but I couldn't place how and why. It wasn't even my birthday yet, but Alex said that anger and hate towards someone could trigger the transformation if the feeling was strong enough. To my guess it was and when I looked up, both boys were still in the room not moving an inch.

I couldn't even find the strength to yell at them to leave because the pain was greater than anything I have ever felt. I just balled my fists, trying to stand up so I could try to leave the house so I wouldn't hurt anyone in the house. But as soon as I stood up, my spine broke and straightened, rebroke and restraightened again.

I hadn't even noticed that my eyes were closed until I opened them and saw pure shock on the two boys' faces. There was a moment where the pain was gone but as soon as I took a step, I fell to the floor screaming my lungs out. My legs felt like they were being broken and stretched. I gave up on leaving this house and instead mustered up what little strength I had left and yelled words to the boys at the top of my lungs.

"GET ALEX HERE NOW!!!!!!" That must have shook them out of their trance as they ran out of the room somewhere. I just sat there on the floor in excruciating pain, waiting for Alex to get here. I didn't even hear anyone come into the room but I was frightened when a hand was placed on my shoulder. When I looked up I was expecting to see Alex, but who I saw wasn't Alex at all.

I haven't seen this person in so long that I forgot about the pain my body was enduring and stood up, crying because of the pain. I wrapped the person in my arms and brought him down to the floor with me. I breathy let out "Dad" as I looked at his face. He had been gone for so long that I almost forgot what he looked like.

"Just relax James, relax your mind and the transformation will stop. Let go of the anger for those two boys." My dad said in such a calming tone. I listened to him, wanting the pain and torture to be over with. I cleared my mind and let go of my anger and within a couple minutes, all the pain was gone and I was back to normal.

My head snapped up when the door bolted open, Alex being the one to open it. When she looked in the room, she about collapsed. I could understand her feelings because kneeling next to me was our dad, who wee have not seen in I dont know how many years. She walked over to me and kneeled down with me and dad.

Alex's P.O.V:

I was currently dreaming. Dreaming about a meadow with a ton of beautiful flowers, a huge willow tree and birds chirping in the sunny sky. I was running in the tall grass when I heard a voice call for me. I immediately turned around, trying to find the source of the voice but couldn't identify it. Then I was being shook violently.

I saw black and the next thing I know Im awake with all of the boys in my room. I was confused as to why they were here but I didn't even get to speak as Liam beat me to it. "Alex c'mon we have to hurry. Something happened with your brother and he triggered his transformation. He yelled at us to come and get you."

Liam said with worry in his eyes. I didn't even change out of my pajamas as I teleported to their house. I frantically ran through the house looking for James. I had looked everywhere in the house, in all of the boys' rooms except for one. When I came to Harry's door, I kicked it open and when I looked inside, I could have fell to my knees right then and there.

There on the floor was my brother and my dad. I couldn't speak I was shocked. I walked over to James and kneeled down beside him. I just stared at my dad, tears coming to my eyes. "Dad?" I chocked out. James nodded his head as he too, had tears in his eyes. Without thinking we both launched ourselves at him.

 We didn't care that we were in someone else's house, we just sat there, James and I, crying on our dad's shoulders. I finally decided to speak, breaking the silence besides our sobs. "I missed you so much daddy. I thought you had left us forever." I said acting like a child, but I didn't care. I hadnt seen my dad in almost five years, maybe more.

I had a reason to act like a child and cry, so did James. I pulled away from his now soaked shoulder and looked into his eyes. Tears were still streaming down my face and he had tears in his as well. James also pulled away from his shoulder and looked dad into the eyes. "I missed you too angels, you have no idea how bad I wanted to come and see you but I couldn't. It tore me apart to see you guys cry yourselves to sleep because I hadnt come home yet."

Dad said, tears now streaming down his face. Before he could speak again, yelling was heard inside the house and the boys came running into Harry's room. They had stopped yelling once they stepped into the room and saw us three with tears running down our faces. Liam being the overprotective one of the bunch stepped forward.

"What's going on here? Why isn't James a werewolf and who are you?" He asked pointing to my dad in a somewhat angered tone. "Liam he-" I was saying but was cut off as my dad got up. James and I got up also and stood by our dad. Dad whispered something into both mine and James' ears and we nodded our heads.

To be honest, I was shocked at what he had said but at the same time I was happy. At the same time, we all spread our hands and wings popped out of our backs. Mine and James' wings were small compared to dad's but it resembled that we were a family. We stood with our wings out and watched as the boys stood shocked.

"I, boy, am the father of Alex and James and general of the angel army." Dad said with power and authority in his voice. Liam cowered back behind the boys and I just laughed. I retracted my wings, showed James how to and faced the boys again. "Boys this is my dad, Justin you may call him. And dad this is Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis. I presume you know what they are?" I asked him.

He shook his head before speaking. "Yes and I already knew their names but thank you Alex." Dad said. "I have been watching you boys from heaven, since I am an higher official of most angels, I have the privilege to see what goes on on earth." Dad started off. "Ever since you Harry, have been put on the assignment to watch my daughter, I have been watching you five boys. Learning about you and keeping watch incase one of you hurts my daughter." 

He paused for effect before speaking again. "I knew Damien, your boss Harry, would eventually find out about my daughter so I visited her in her dreams and gave her books and everything she needed to learn about who she really was. What she did was her own doings and as I watched, I became impressed at how well you guys were adapting to her." He stopped again and walked over towards the boys.

They all tensed up and dad could sense that. Hell even James and I could sense it. All the boys circled around my dad and sat down on Harry's bed, trying to get away from him. "But two of you boys hurt my daughter, even thought you didn't think you were. All of you boys did actually but only two boys in particular caused Alex the most pain ever."

I watched as Harry's and Niall's eyes widened. Dad lifted two fingers and both Harry and Niall were standing. Dad didn't have to say anything else as both boys knew what they had done to me. "If I wasn't up in heaven, I would have been the one you boys would have dealt with, not Alex. She didn't deserve any of the things you boys put her through. I had watch as she would cry herself to sleep because of what she did to you guys. She really does love all of you guys and I could tell it hurt her to have to hurt you boys." Dad said with sincerity in his voice. Just thinking about it had gotten me so angry and without thinking, I had transformed. All the boys watched me with shock as dad and James just watched me.

The boys didn't dare move and James and dad moved out of my way, this having nothing to do with them. My dad was no longer keeping Harry and Niall standing, them standing on their own, afraid to sit down. "You two, why did you have to do this? I was perfectly happy until you came along. You niall just out of the blue asks me to be your girlfriend. And I know I said I love you, but I was confused."

I said stepping forward. "I do love you but it took me now to realize that I love you like a brother. And then Harry, you have been nice to me ever since I walked into class that morning. I was blind when I said I didn't like you, that I couldn't like you. Again I was confused and then everything happened. You guys made me change into everything, made me endure pain I never wanted to endure this early."

I walked up to each of the boys and slapped them across the face. I could tell they were mad, but they didn't do anything. "You all made me want to hurt you and for some I actually did. I didn't want to but for fucks sake! All you guys do it piss me off. The only one that hasn't managed to piss me off yet is Louis." I practically yelled at them.

I turned back to normal and turned to face my dad. "Why is it me that ends up hurting people daddy?" I asked him tears in my eyes. He walked up to me and took me in his arms. He bent his head down towards my ear and whispered so no one else could hear. "Im sorry angel, and I know this is a bad time, but which boy do you love? Truly love Alex?" He asked me.

I have been denying it for so long, but I couldn't lie to my dad. Not now, not ever. In a quite voice, I whispered "Harry" into his ear. When I looked up at him, he had a huge smile etched onto his face. I looked at him confused. He just whispered back "I would have picked him too angel." I smiled at his answer.

I pulled back from him and faced the boys one last time tonight. I looked them all in the eyes, studying their face and emotions. "Im sorry for getting mad and slapping you guys." I said. I walked over to the boys and gave them all a hug. When I got to Niall, I whispered into his ear "Im sorry I didn't realize until now. I hope you can forgive me."

I pulled away from him and went to give one more person a hug. Harry. He looked down at the ground with sadness in his eyes, probably thinking I would give him a hug. When I stopped infront of him, I lifted his head up, looked him in the eyes and gave him a tight and heart felt hug. He didn't hug back but after a couple second, his hands found their way around my waist hugging me back.

"When I leave wait a couple minutes and then look under your pillow. It will tell you everything." I whispered into his ear before letting him go and joining my dad and brother. We all said goodbye as we held hands and transported to our house. As I promised, I sent a letter to appear under Harry's pillow, one that I had wrote before I fell asleep later today.

When I was done, me, my brother and my dad all sat on the couch and watched a movie like we used to. I sat in-between James and dad with a blanket over us. I didn't even get half way through the movie before I started to fall asleep. Before I slipped into a blissful sleep, I murmured "Finally home" loud enough so my dad and brother could hear.

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