My Demonic Neighbors

Alex Ray has had a normal life. She's an only child and has a reasonable amount of friends. She is well liked at school but does get bullied sometimes. But when she gets a new neighbor, everything changes. There have been murders in the town ever since her neighbors moved in. Is she safe? Will she be next?


1. 1. At School

Alex's P.O.V:


I was walking home from the gym and it started to get dark out. My house was a good ten minute walk from the gym so I took my time not wanting to trip or something. Once I reached my street, I saw the lights in the house next to mine on. It was weird because no body had lived there for years. I walked up to the house and knocked on the door. I waited five minutes and when no body came I walked over to my house.


When I got to the door I had this weird feeling that someone or something was watching me. I turned around and nothing was there. I just shrugged it off and went in the house. As I took my sneakers off, I looked out the window and saw someone standing in my yard. The person was maybe five feet from the window and that literally scared me. Then I felt someone shaking me and I blacked out.

*End Dream*

I was woken up by my older brother James. "Alex are you ok?" I didn't trust my words so I nodded my head yes. "Alright. Well get ready for school. I'll give you a half an hour and then we have to leave ok." "Ok I'll be ready in a few." I got up to pick out my outfit when he left my room. I picked a white jumper with galaxy leggings and my uggs. I felt like today was a lazy day.


After getting changed I put on a little mascara and went to get breakfast. I grabbed a pop tart, my phone and bag before heading out to James' car.  When we got to school I was greeted by my bestest friends ever Ashlee, Mal, and Caroline. "Hey guys. How was your weekend?" As we walked into school Ashlee and Mal were talking about how they went camping some place. "Really Alex you and Caroline should come next time." "Sure that would be fun. What did you do Caroline?"


"Oh um I just stayed home. Went to the mall and just had a lazy weekend. Nothing special." "Alright well I'll see you guys during lunch yeah?" They  all replied with sure. We went our separate ways and I went to my locker to get my books for math and chemistry. I loved math and chemistry. They are the only subjects I excel at. When I closed my locker, the first bell rung signaling we had five minutes to get to class. When I got into the math room, I saw the teacher wasn't here yet so I decided to take my seat and get out the homework.


Just went the second bell rung, the teacher came in. Mr. hunt was one of the hottest male teachers at my school but it was absurd to swoon over a teacher. Not five minutes into class and the door opened. Standing in the door way was a tall figure with curly brown hair and green eyes. He was cute but not my type. Mr. Hunt stopped the lesson to address the new student. "You must be Mr. Styles. Welcome to geometry. You can have a seat by Ms. Ray. Alex raise your hand."


While I raised my hand I saw the tall guy walk towards the empty seat next to me. When he sat down Mr. Hunt got on with the lesson again. Finally when the bell rung for second period, I put all my stuff into my bag and headed for chemistry. Just when a hand grabbed my forearm. "Um sorry. Im Harry." He put out his hand and I shook it politely. "Alex." I was about to walk away when he stopped me again. "Sorry could you possibly point me in the direction of the chemistry room?"


"Sure I have chemistry too. Follow me." When we walked into the room the second bell had just rung. Talking about saved by the bell. The rest of the day went my pretty fast and it was weird 'cause that new kid Harry had all of the same classes as me. I mean I dont even have two classes with my friends.

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