Summer Time

My name is Kellie Phelan and this is my story. What about you ask , well you will just have to read and find out. I live in the center of london in a little apartment with my best friend Megan Uzell and i am very happy with life now that is untill summertime...


1. Pancakes and roses

I woke up on Saturday around 12:00 PM opend my curtins and went to the bathroom.                           I brushed my teeth washed my face and hands and tied my hair into a ponytail and got dressed into a purple floral dress with white sandals.I went downstairs and ran to the kitchen to see my roomate Megan holding a boquet of white roses in one hand and a plate of pancakes in the other.

"Morning Kel" She said cherfully.

"Morning Meggie , who are the flowers from ? " I asked 

"Dunno their for you" she smirked handing me them and the pancakes.

"Okaay , weeird" i mumbled smelling them.

Megan start pacing around the room like a maniac

"You okay ?" i asked with a mouthfull of pancakes

"Nooooooooooooo Im gonna die im gonna die im gonna fricken die " she sounded angry when she spoke this time. 

"Why ? " I asked as the sound of my laughter filling the kitchen.

"Cos !!"she mumbled  and with that the ran out the door with her bag and her phone in her hand.

I began to fill a vase full to the brim with water and just as i put the roses in the vase there was a knock on the door.Megan probably forgot somthing again. I go to the door and look through the peep hole.A tall boy with blonde hair and the bluest eyes i had ever seen stood there humming somthing.I unlocked the door and twisted the nob.He looked up at me and smiled.

"H-hi im uhh... i-m Niall" i smiled as he stutterd. He had a thick Irish accent he was probably from northern ireland.

"Im Kellie. can i help you ?"

"Well i just moved in across the hall and the boys and I decided to intr-" he didint finish what he was saying because i cut him of and said "The boys ?"

he looked around and his cheeks started to go red and just as he opend his mouth four boys burts out of apartment 34B. 

"Hi im Harry" the curly one smirks shaking my hand.I think he was the quite in your face tipe.

"oh would you like to come in " i ask shyly.

"sure" the all reply in unison.

I step out of the way allowing them to walk in and they walk in a line.First is niall then is harry and then the one with the stripy shirt followed by the one with olive skin and lastly the one who looks more serious.I motion my head to the couches and they all sit.

"do you want somthing to drink tea,coffee maby water" i ask with a small smile but they all shake their heads.


~An hour later~

"Do you really have to go ? " i ask.                                                                                                             they all slowly nod their heads. Its been an hour but it seems like longer and i have gotten to know the boys better their really nice and really funny i found out that Niall is from Mullingar like me , Louis is from Doncaster , Harry is from Cheshire , Zayn is from bradford and Liam is from Wolverhampton. Zayn is dating a girl named perrie and Louis is dating a girl named Eleonor but the rest are single lucky me ! (Sarcasm).

We all share hugs and then they leave. I shut the door and plop myself down on the sofa.Then i hear another knock on the door. I go open it and standing their is Megan she has a blank expression on her face and storms past me and goes to the kitchen.

"Nice to see you aswell " i shout after her sarcastically

"Yeah ok"

A/N :  Hello my little dollies how do you like the first chapter ?

this is my first fanfic live EVER so please dont hate it. Please like and favorite it thanks love you xx ~Kellie

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