Summer Time

My name is Kellie Phelan and this is my story. What about you ask , well you will just have to read and find out. I live in the center of london in a little apartment with my best friend Megan Uzell and i am very happy with life now that is untill summertime...


2. Awkward Date night and bad news

It was Sunday morning and I was rudely awoken  by my alarm clock.I looked at it and it said 8 o'clock. I quickly got up and did my usual routine.After i had gotten out of my shower i decided on what i would wear. I choose  jean shorts and a basic orange shirt and orange flipflops. Shortly after I changed I decided to curl my hair. I quickly started to cook breakfast because megan cooked yesterday.I got all the ingredients ,unwrapped the bacon , cracked the eggs and mixed them in a bowl then I made toast and dipped it in the yolks and put it on the other frying pan. Not long after Megan came downstairs in her pj's . 

"Morning Megster" I joked.

"megster , really Kellie thats sad" she said with a disaproving look.

"Leave me alone okay ! " I said poking her side playfully.

After breakfast we both talked for a while and then Megan decided it was time she went and got dressed so I agreed and moved to the sofa.I watched TV for a while. I was flicking through the channels when their was a knock on the door. Me being as lazy as usual I didint move. Then they knocked again.

"Megan you gonna get the door ? " I asked hopefully.

No reply...

I quickly went to the door and i looked out the peep hole."What does he want" I asked myself

I opend the door to see Harry standing their smiling and he waved a little.

"Hi Harry , whats up ? "

"Hello , I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tonight , i'd say maby seven o'clock ?"

What should i say ?

just as I  opend my mouth to say somthing he immediately grinned and started saying

"Great i'll pick you up later, bye"

"Uhh...okay...bye" I nodded and closed . "Who does he think he is waltzing up to my door and not letting me give him and awnser and then say great i'll pick you up later." I mimmicked him in my head.

Time flew by and it was was 6 o'clock already." An hour to get ready" I spoke to myself.

I was in my room and deciding what to wear when Megan burst in the door with the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Kel..." she mannaged to say through sobs 

A/N im really busy ( not really that just means im lazy) to do the full chapter so il do it later ~Kellie

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