Be Mine

17 year old popular girl Kate has never found her Soul Mate. But she wishes she find her soul mate soon. What happens when she find three soul mates at the same time. Their Shane the school handsome bad boy with dark secrets, Romeo the school cute lover boy and Marcel the school geek. Who is not what he seems? Who will Kate pick? Read and find out.


1. Marcel

Kate P.O.V

I tuck in a strand of my long brown hair behind my ear, and walk through the busy hallway. I watch jocks hustling together in crowds, and the popular girls with skirts too shorts. I sigh. Will they ever learn? I watch the smart kids or known as the geeks hustle off quietly, hoping not to be the new victim of the bully. I check my watch, and see that I'm late. I rush, and barge into someone. I watch my book fall on the floor. The bell rings.

"God." I exclaim in anger, going to pick up my books.

But a pair of muscles arms picks it up first. My eyes meet a pair of fern green eyes. A young boy. With a pair of glasses that rest on his nose. His hair is straight but it looks like it should be curly.

"Thanks." I reply, taking my book from the handsome stranger.

"I'm Marcel Styles, and you’re welcome." Marcel replies in a husky tone.

"I'm Kate." I reply, as my heart pumps rapidly seeing him.

"Are you new?" Marcel questions curiously, looking at me.

"Yes. Do I look it?" I ask.

"Slightly. Your so in a rush even though the bell has just gone." Marcel tells me.

"But, what if I'm late?" I ask.

"The teachers won't mind. If they did, then their would be a lot of students in detention. Come on. So who’s your form tutor?" Marcel asks eagerly like a lost puppy.

"Ms. Jones." I answer, relieving that I had memorized my time table.

"That's great. You’re in my form then and probably in most of my lessons. Ms. Jones is really nice. Unlike some of our class." Marcel tells me, as we walk toward our form room.

"What do you mean?" I ask, as the door opens.

A middle aged woman with messy brown hair in knots sits at the desk, a pair of black glasses rest on her nose. She looks at us, and then shakes her head in annoyance.

"More kids." Ms. Jones sighs.

"I'm Kate." I reply.

"Go sit over their." Ms. Jones points at an empty desk.

I walk towards it, and sit on the chair. Marcel sits right besides me, and smiles at me warmly. I guess I made a new friend.

"Geek!" a blonde spits out at Marcel with violence and hate.

"What did you say?" I ask in anger, clenching my wrist tightly.

I hate bullies. I had been bullied in my past school, and it hurt. Now it was a fresh start for me, and I would not let anyone be bullied in my presence.

"I said geek and that was to him, duh." the blonde tells me slowly like I'm dumb.

"Don't call him geek!" I shout at her in anger.

"Kate." Marcel mumbles quietly, hoping that I don't make a big thing out of nothing.

"Or I will break your plastic Barbie doll face and you would not like that. Do you?" I shout, staring at her in anger.

"You don't know what you got yourself into. I'm Amy, the popular girl in school." Amy points out.

"I do not care who you are. If your the prime minister or the queen. It does not bother me." I reply.

"You'll regret it." Amy tells me.

"I don't think I won't. Marcel is my friend." I tell her.

"You'll just be a geek just like him. I swear on it." Amy gasps in annoyance.

"Shut up Barbie, or you won't have a tongue to stick down guy’s throat." I exclaim to her, watching her face fall.

"Whatever." Amy mumbles, turning around.

I smile to my myself. I won this battle.

Marcel P.O.V

"I don't think I won't. Marcel is my friend." Kate tells Amy.

I smile in happiness. Kate just said I'm her friend. Kate is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She is pretty, kind, caring and totally brave. Which I'm not. My heart beats when I see her face. Is this love. But Kate would not like a geek like me. Would she? Kate holds my hand in reassurance.

"I'm here Marcel. I'm your best friend and I'll stick with you forever." Kate tells me in reassurance.

"But I'm a geek." I point out quietly, gesturing to my glasses.

"You’re not a geek. You’re a handsome, sweet, caring guy that does not know his value. Okay." Kate tells me.

I nod my head in silence.

"You have people who care for you like me, and I will be with you forever. As long as you have me. You will never be alone. I'm here." Kate tells me, smiling at me.

I smile warmly.

"Thanks Kate." I tell her.

Kate's my first friends. I don't have other friends. No one wants to be friends with a geek. So they ignore me. But I have Kate, and that's all it matters.

"Don't sweat on it styles. You have me now, and with me your life will turn upside down." Kate tells me, winking at me cheekily.

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