The nerd become the bully

harry marcel styles is the nerdy guy in school , he gets bullied alot because of how he dress and talks , he doesnt have many friends his only friends are jack and dan that knows him from kindergarten . he tried to kill himself 1 year ago that was before he met the love of his life the only one that helps him keep his feet on the ground , her name is tamara but he calls her tami.
one day marcel decided that it was enough he didn't wanted to be marcel anymore he wanted to be harry ,he chanced, in this day everything went upside down...


5. 5

***from now on it's harrys pov it's the same person i just changed the name from marcel to harry***

 Harry POV: now im ready i plan this all week , i wore the new clothes i bought balck -T gray skinny jeans some black nikes and black glasses my curls went each to the other direction i put contactes so i could see i grab my backpack and put it in one arm i went to my car and drove off to school. Tamaras POV :i was in school hoping to see marcel i was looking for him and than i saw a crowd of people near the gates i walked there and move through them to see what happen. what i saw left me speechless .. it was justin and chris(marcels bullies) laying on the ground bruises everywhere they could barely move i saw marcel dressed wierd standing there happy and angry look on his face everyone was scared at the moment but i wasnt he is my boyfriend he wont hurt me i wanted to say something but how justin and chris looked just shocked me it was horrible did marcel realy did this? i cant believe he realy did this i need to talk to him. marcel started walking away not looking back everyone moved aside whan he walked nobody dared to speak ,i recovered from what i just saw and walked to him i run a bit and called his name but he didnt answer so i called him a few more times but still no answer i run a bit faster to catch him up whan i did i grabed his arm he turend around with no emotion on his face i half shouted "whats wrong with u?" he looked at me and said "what" trying to play innocent like he didnt know i was looking at him anoyyed and less angry and said"why didnt u turn around whan i called u" he looked at me counfused and said "but u didnt called me" now i was realy pissed wtf is this kid trying to do i was looking at him for a sec and said" i did called u but lets drop it i realy missed u ok, u never answer my calls i came to your house but u didnt opened the door did i do something wrong ?" " i dont want u to call me that agine i will be realy pissed from now on it's harry for u and everyone i don't wanna be near anyone just don't call me anymore.." he said with a cold look, ok that hurt my own boyfriend don't wanna talk to me and dosn't want to say what i did wrong " why don't u wanna talk to me im your gf we don't need to keep secrats from each other tell me what's wrong i will understand i won't judge u" i said and he looked at me with a sad expression " i will help u with everything just tell me marcel" as i finished what i said i looked at harry he was angrey omg what did i do?! he came closer to me our faces was facing each other and than he yalled  "DON'T U EVER CALL ME THAT ! CAN'T U JUST FUCK OFF I DON'T WANNA TALK TO U OR ANYONE AND IM NOT YOUR BF ANYMORE IM BREAKING UP WITH U! BYE!" and he started to walk off i was shockd, counfused and mostly hurt he broke me why is he like that? because of some stupid name?! i hate him he yalled at me for no resone and broke my heart ! i drop my bag on the floor and run to the girls bathroom and locked myself in one of the toilets and started to cry.


A/N just wanted to say tank u if you like,fave, comment it mean alot ! loveyaxx

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