The nerd become the bully

harry marcel styles is the nerdy guy in school , he gets bullied alot because of how he dress and talks , he doesnt have many friends his only friends are jack and dan that knows him from kindergarten . he tried to kill himself 1 year ago that was before he met the love of his life the only one that helps him keep his feet on the ground , her name is tamara but he calls her tami.
one day marcel decided that it was enough he didn't wanted to be marcel anymore he wanted to be harry ,he chanced, in this day everything went upside down...


3. 3

Marcels POV: i took the bus and went home i opened the door and locked it behind me than went stright to my room , i took my shirt off and my slippers and layed down on my bad . i was thinking about my bullys why have i been their easy target since 8 grade ?! maybe that could change , they think they r storng cause they r 3 and im 1 but i will prove them wrong i even have more muscle than this skinny guys , i will show all the school that nobody should dare mass with me agine from now on u can call me harry the guy that will kill u on the spot if you looked at him funny they should all watch out cause this new me won't be like marcel everything they think they knew about me will change cause after this week the game is on! *A week later* Tamaras POV: it's been a week and he didn't texted me i tried to call him but he never picked up the phone i went to his house a couple of times but he never opened the door , jack and dan told me they saw him in the mall buying some clothes they said they tried to call him but he didnt look back and went stright to his car and drive off , ok this is not the marcel i know why would he runaway from his friends ?and a week ago he was naked in the toilet, gosh i wounder what happened to him what is he planning ? i hope he will come to school tomorrow cause i realy need to see him i miss him and im worried about him .


A\N i will update in a few days cause the chapters r already wrriten . tanxs for reading .xx

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