The nerd become the bully

harry marcel styles is the nerdy guy in school , he gets bullied alot because of how he dress and talks , he doesnt have many friends his only friends are jack and dan that knows him from kindergarten . he tried to kill himself 1 year ago that was before he met the love of his life the only one that helps him keep his feet on the ground , her name is tamara but he calls her tami.
one day marcel decided that it was enough he didn't wanted to be marcel anymore he wanted to be harry ,he chanced, in this day everything went upside down...

2. 2

marcels POV: i wanted to say something but the words just didnt came out, we just looked at each  other for a while and than she got out and shout to me "im going to bring u some clothes but after you get fully dressed u better tell me whats going on" and with that she left and shut the door behind her. while she was  gone to find me some clothes i was thinking about how could i get my bullys back i can't just sit here and let them do whatever they want  i cant  be a coward for the rest of my life i need to stand up for myself i have to change . Tamaras POV : i went to bring him some clothes i decided to look for some at the jym dressing room i found some guys white t and some boxers and sports pants i quickly grab them without being seen and went to marcels locker i opened the locke (yah ik his lockers code im his gf u know..) and grab some old slippers that was there ..i have no idea why he have a pair of old slippers there but anyways im on my way to the bathroom to give him the clothes and hear some explanations. Marcels POV : i was thinking about what i was going to tell tami .. i can't tell her that my bully's stole my clothes this is too embarrassing and she will confront them ik she is doing this cause she loves me but i can't let her defend me all the time this is something i need to do  myself ! marcel is gone , the nice and innocent guy is now officially dead , to me this is the begining for the new me the powerful me my harry sides that no one ever seen will come out very soon  ! Tamaras POV : i went to the toilet where marcel was i knocked on the door and he opened it a bit so i could hand him the clothes he said " tanks" i told him i was going to wait for him near the lockers and he said "ok" i was siting on the floor where the lockers was and waited for him to come out , after 5 min's he came out(damn he looked so hot )he came closer to me and i stood up after he was close enough  i said "well i think u got some explanations to do " and crossed my arms , he took a deep breath before he started to talk and said "im realy sorry tami but i need some time to myself i promise i will tell u all later just don't ask me for explanations rn i peomise i will tell u just not now" he took his bag from his locker and started to walk he was heading to the gate is he going to skip school?! he never skiped school! something was wrong with him i shout to him "r u going to skip school" he turned around and yelled back "yeah" i said "can i skip with u" i never skiped school but for him i will do anything , he looked at me with a no way look and said" no, u can't,  u have class now i will be alright i will text u later " and than he turned his head and yell "bye" while he was walking out i yelled back "bye" and went to the other direction, i was so worried about him i couldent even focus on my studying . 


A/N i have another chapter already written if u want me to update just tell me in the comments and i will!xx ps tanks if u r reading :-)

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