The nerd become the bully

harry marcel styles is the nerdy guy in school , he gets bullied alot because of how he dress and talks , he doesnt have many friends his only friends are jack and dan that knows him from kindergarten . he tried to kill himself 1 year ago that was before he met the love of his life the only one that helps him keep his feet on the ground , her name is tamara but he calls her tami.
one day marcel decided that it was enough he didn't wanted to be marcel anymore he wanted to be harry ,he chanced, in this day everything went upside down...


1. 1

marcel's POV : i cant believe they did this i mumbled quietly ! this is the worst thing that they ever done to me ! i heard sombody getting close to the toilet where i was, oh no it was tami"WHERE DI...." she looked at me shocked i started to say something but she manage to say "why r u ....naked?" she asked confused i quickly picked up the trash can and coverd myself with it. tamara's POV : jack told me he saw marcel running from the showers after gym class he run after him but could'nt find him ,i started to look for him i went almost everywhere but still didn't find him i hope nothing bad happen to him. i heard noises from the boys bathroom i opened the door i walked in i heard something from one of the toilets i saw glasses on the floor marcel's glasses i knew he was there i saw his feets he was barefoothe he was standing and mumbles something i could'nt hear , the door was a bit open so i opened it and yelled of worried "WHERE DI....." its all i could say i was shocked whan i saw him standing there NAKED and a sad mixed with anger look, he tried to say something but i manage to say something "why r u .... naked?" i said, he quickly picked up a trash can that was near him and coverd himself with it . i was so confused ,my boyfriend is naked in the toilet im wondering what could have happend..

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