Why me? (Book1)

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  • Published: 27 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2014
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Lexi Moon is 17 years old. No one knows what she is just that she's not like everyone else.
Her eye colour changes and in the full moon, no one wants to be in her way.
When she was 5 a group of werewolf's found her, and the alpha decided that they would protect her.

But what will happen' when they find out what Lexi is and that she is a danger for the pack?.

Read and find out!

(Book 1)


18. This Is Where I Belong

It was dark outside, it was hard to see. Especially in the woods, at least I have my dagger to protect me with. I could her noises everywhere, it creeped me out even more. Until the voice showed up again in my head and told me to keep going. I did what it said with out hesitation, it felt like I walked for hours but never got any where. The moon started to show up on the dark sky, I could feel how my body slowly wanted to do what the moon told it. My power felt more powerful than ever, maybe cause I was outside? Free?.

Suddenly I could hear something growl behind some big trees, carefully I walked towards the noise with the dagger in my hand. It was a big werewolf who fought a human?, a hunter?. The boy jumped and attacked it with an incredibly speed, than a arrow flew among the trees and hit the werewolf right in the heart. It died immediately.

A werewolf hunter?, I found them?. Before I could even get a hold of him someone shouted my name and the boy disappeared. The voice got closer and closer. Logan and James ran up to me with a concerned face, "you left?!, are you out of you're mind?!. You said you where going to the training center!", Logan seemed very mad. "I had too and now thanks to you guys I lost the only one who could have helped me!", I shouted of anger. "Listen to me Lexi the anger that you are feeling right now is because of the moon", James tried to calm me down as he patted me on the head.

"You are in our territory witch hunters!", the boy I saw jumped down from a tree and landed in front of us. "Noah...", Logan mumbled. "You know each other?". "Me and James has known him for awhile we always sees him when we hunt", he said coldly. Noah had the lightest blue eyes I've ever seen before and the darkest of hair. "Are you a werewolf hunter?", I asked and studied him from head to toe. "I am", he said. James and Logan didn't take their eyes of him for a minute, "but now leave!". "Wait!", someone shouted from a tree. A girl landed next to Noah, her hair was dark and long. The eyes was just as light blue as Noah's. "Who are you?", she asked me. "Lexi Moon". Noah and the girl looked at each other, "she's a Moon, you will come with us". "No way!, we will never let Lexi walk away with you guys!". Logan stepped closer to them and the girl prepared her bow with an arrow, ready to shoot. "You can't shoot me it's against the hunter families rules", Logan smirked. "It's not like it ever stopped you before", she said.

What was she talking about, has Logan killed a werewolf hunter before?. "Scarlett it's okay, she will come with us. Lexi is one of us", Noah put a hand on her shoulder and she put away her bow. He was right, I was one of them. This is what I wanted to be with my hunting family. I pushed Logan to the side and walked towards Noah and Scarlett, standing next to them felt so right. "Lexi, come back with us", Logan mumbled. I shake my hand and I could see anger and disappointment in his eyes, James just stood next to him an looked at the ground.

"This is where I belong Logan, go back to the academy. That's you're home not mine, I will never be happy there".

"Not even if I'm there by you're side?, can't you be happy then?"

"I'm sorry Logan, I won't miss the chance Ive been looking for just to stay by you're side. I'm going to let go of all of you, Master Joe, Simone, you, James everyone."

Maybe my heart should have broke right there but it didn't, I had feelings for Logan but he was a stranger and we meet on the wrong time in the wrong place. "Let her go Logan", James placed a hand on Logan's shoulder. He understood, he knew that this was what I wanted. "You don't even know them Lexi!". "Logan!, don't. Their the same kind as me, I don't care", I got more annoyed than sad.

James almost had to drag Logan out of the woods, but he did it. They where gone, forever.

"This is where you belong Lexi, don't even think about anything else. You are very important to us", Scarlett said. I smiled and followed them deeper in to the woods. "So where do you guys live?", I couldn't walk as fast as them so I almost had to run to keep up. "In a old house by the mountains". "Really?!, that's so cool!". Noah and Scarlett looked at each other and giggled a little.

The house was very old, it was white and dirty. Some windows was broken and it looked hunted. I followed them in to the house, it felt like my heart was about jumping out of my chest. "Hey we got company!", Noah screamed. A man walked down the stairs and looked at me with big eyes, "this is Lexi Moon, you're niece". "IM HIS WHAT?!".

The man hugged me tight and cried some tears. "you are just as beautiful like you're mother was", he took a good look at me before he introduce himself, "I'm Dan, you're uncle". He hugged me once again and I didn't know how to react. Dan took me to a room with broken windows and a old sofa. "I'm so glad the siblings found you", he said and sat down on the sofa. "Oh that's why they looked so alike", I mumbled. "It's only me, them and Felicia". "Felicia?", I asked and sat down next to him. "She's kinda young, only 10 years old. She's actually my daughter, you're cousin". "This is so much to take in, it seems like I never knew myself".

"You're mum left you in the woods when you where a kid, you're dad died and she was next. To tell the truth I was the one who should have take care of you but I got hold up and when I got to the place you where gone".

"I lived with some werewolf's, I've seen them as humans. Than I got to an hunting academy and the principal owner man he was a freak..".

I didn't want to talk about the academy, I wanted to leave that in my past. Now I could get a new start. I have a cousin and a uncle, for me that's huge!. But who am I really?, why am I so important?.

"I will show you everything you need to know, I'm so glad you're finally with us Lexi".

"I'm happy too.."


So this is the end of this book, but don't worry cause I'm about to write a book 2 to this series. I hope you guys are excited to see what happens in the next book :).

Xoxo BraveJ

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