Why me? (Book1)

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  • Published: 27 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2014
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Lexi Moon is 17 years old. No one knows what she is just that she's not like everyone else.
Her eye colour changes and in the full moon, no one wants to be in her way.
When she was 5 a group of werewolf's found her, and the alpha decided that they would protect her.

But what will happen' when they find out what Lexi is and that she is a danger for the pack?.

Read and find out!

(Book 1)


16. The Voice

A few hours after James left my room, I walked around in the halls. My thoughts where all around the place, James kissed me and I don't know if I wanted more or not. My heart always raise when I see Logan and it doesn't do that with James but when he kissed me I felt something, but what?.

"Hey Lexi!", Logan ran towards me. "Oh hi Logan, what's up?", I asked and pretend that everything was okay. "I'm going out and hunt soon but I wanted to meet you, I'm really sorry about what happen this morning". He looked at me with those gorgeous eyes of his. "I'm sorry too, I wasn't myself", I explained and gave him a hug. "I wish we could stay like this forever", he whispered in my ear. I immediately stopped hugging him and took my distance, "something wrong?", he asked and smirked at me. "N-no I'm just tired..", I lied at him I wasn't tired. He walked away and guilt came over me, that I didn't tell him about my plan to escape. If a lot of people knows it can destroy everything, a secret is safer when only you keep it after all. But James knows and he won't let me go either, he kissed me!.

I hold my hands over my face it felt like I was going insane in here, I can't take this stupid academy. I got dizzy and walked towards hospital hall. "Lexi Moon?, is everything alright?", a doctor asked. He took me inside a room and laid me down in a hospital bed. "I'm really dizzy, it feels like I'm going insane", I mumbled and looked around, the room was spinning. "Well you are a werewolf hunter". Can everyone just stop reminding me, I don't want to be like this.

He placed his hand over my forehead, "you're warm". "What's happening to me?", I asked and teared up. I was scared, I never felt like this before. "Don't worry, it's very common in the werewolf hunting family. You reacts being locked up, being inside a building for this long", he explained. He told me how important it is for werewolf hunters to be just free, doing what they want. Not being controlled or locked up like this. "Will it ever go away?", I asked. He looked at me with worried eyes, "unfortunately I don't think it will be completely gone before you are in you're right element".

Now I felt hopeless, Master Joe would never let me out of this academy. If I escape he would probably be looking for me, what a mess..

"Oh my god Lexi, what happen to you?.Why are you here?", Simone walked in to the room and stood next to the bed. "I got dizzy and have a fever, I will be okay though". Simone looked at the doctor and he looked at her, "will she be okay?". "The worse that could happen is that the fever goes up even more, so she should probably be here until tomorrow just in case", he said and Simone agreed. "So this is how it feels to have a werewolf hunter in the academy huh?", she mumbled and smiled at me. "That's because they shouldn't be here, they are different from the other hunting families", the doctor gave me a glass of water and some pills. "Maybe that's why I got headaches and so much anger inside me", I mumbled and put the pills in my mouth and swallowed. "You feel trapped", Said a voice inside my head. It wasn't my voice I didn't even recognize the voice, who was it?. A female voice, should I know this woman?.

The doctor left the room and I got up as soon as he left. "Take it easy Lexi, you still have a fever", Simone grabbed my arm to make sure I didn't fall. "I'm fine, you heard the doctor I need to leave", I whispered so no one else would hear. "And what will you do then?, find you're hunting family?. Lexi they don't know you exist". She was right, they didn't. I don't even know where they are. "I need to try, you say that all you're loyalty is to you're hunting family. What about me?, I need to stay loyal to my family too", I looked at Simone with a serious look. She nodded carefully as she walked me out from the hospital hall. "So what's you're plan?", she whispered in my ear. We passed by other students, they seemed happy and a little scary as usual. "I don't know, but I need to get outside of the academy area".

We walked to my room so we could talk in private, "it was suppose to be a secret, but James knows and now you know. But I need help to get out of here". I laid down on my bed because of my dizziness. "Well you haven't train so much or trying to hunt, so Master Joe has treated you like a piece of glass. His afraid you'll break", Simone sat down beside me on the bed and looked very concentrated. "I need to ask you something though, it's not fair what I'm about to ask you", I said and looked at her. Simone looked back at me with big eyes, "you can't tell Logan,Lindsey or Lola, no one!". It got really tense in the room, "you want me to lie?, to one of my family members?. Come on Lexi you know Lindsey is a vampire hunter like me!". "I asked James the same thing", I mumbled. Simone looked disappointed, "that's cruel Lexi, what you are asking for us is to betray our own kind!. If we help you with this it can cost us everything!", She took a deep breath to calm down. "You're right, I can't ask you guys to do that".

"Trust you're instincts Lexi Moon, that's what you're suppose to do", that voice again. Who is that?, and why is she helping me?.

"Okay!", Simone shouted. I got confused "okay... what?". "I'll help you get out of here, after all it was vampire hunters that find a werewolf slain in the woods. But no one can know!". I agreed we need to keep a low profile in this. "We need to hurry I don't think I will get any better before I get out of this rat hole", I said and Simone nodded. "We talk to James about this but for now you need to go back to the hospital hall". "What?!, no!", I refused. "I won't go back to that hospital room!". "You're such a baby!, you have a fever and can barely stand. You haven't eat for I don't know days?, and you refuse to go back there and have more medicine?", Simone talked so fast. I had never heard her talk that fast before.

"The witch hunters should be back now, I'll go and get James". When Simone was gone I couldn't stop thinking about that voice inside my head. "If you want to help me, then tell me how to get out of here", I said to myself. Of course I won't get an answer I'm so stupid.

Simone came back with James, I got a little uncomfortable around James since he kissed me. "You okay?", he asked. I nodded and looked at Simone. "We need to figure out of to get Lexi out of here, she won't get any better if she stays here and become Master Joe's mysterious toy bunny of power", Simone talked really fast again. "We'll help you", James took my hand in his and I started to blush. I took my hand away quick. "Thanks", I mumbled.

Finally is about to happen, I never liked this place and now maybe I got a chance to get away. This academy wasn't what I was expecting after all.

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