Why me? (Book1)

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  • Published: 27 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2014
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Lexi Moon is 17 years old. No one knows what she is just that she's not like everyone else.
Her eye colour changes and in the full moon, no one wants to be in her way.
When she was 5 a group of werewolf's found her, and the alpha decided that they would protect her.

But what will happen' when they find out what Lexi is and that she is a danger for the pack?.

Read and find out!

(Book 1)


17. No Goodbyes

I just wanted to announce that I might do a book 2 of the "why me?" Series :), it's not a lot of chapters left before I'm thinking of ending this book.


I didnt feel dizzy anymore but my body felt heavy and my head hurts. When I got out of bed I found Logan sitting on the floor sleeping. "Logan?", I whispered, he moved a little bit when I said his name but he didn't seem to wake up. Maybe I should let him sleep... No I won't do that cause I want to know why he is in my room this early and without me knowing. I had like a war inside my head. "Hey Logan wake up", I said a little louder. Finally he woke up, he smiled when he saw me. "Hi Lexi, how are you feeling?", he asked with a tired morning voice. "Not too bad not great but why are you in my room?".

"I... I was worried about you..", Logan got up from the floor. I could feel my body getting warm and my heart race, "really?, why?". "Cause I care about you very much", he came closer and closer to my face. Is he going to kiss me?. I took a step back "I'm sorry Logan I think you should go..", I couldn't kiss him I can't let him do that when I'm about to leave without him knowing about it. I can't betray him like that it isn't fair to any of us. "Okay I understand you're exhausted from the high fever, I'll see you later", he sneaked out from my room so he wouldn't get caught just as easy. "Yeah that's why I wanted you to leave", I said to myself and laid down on my bed again.

I was just about to fall asleep when someone was knocking carefully on my door, it was Simone and James. "Hey you look better". Simone said with a smile. "We got you an apple, since you haven't eat so much these few days". "Thanks", I took one bite from the apple and studied James face expression. "Is something wrong James?". "Oh eh no it's just was Logan here earlier?", he asked. "Yeah he left not too long ago, he wanted to make sure I was okay". I couldn't tell him that I found Logan sleeping on the floor by my bed. I quickly changed subject and asked about the plan they where going to make. "No we haven't come up with a good one yet, we don't want you to get caught after all", James said. "It's okay I think it will all work out", I was pretty sure that the voice in my head would help me to get out of here, that it knew what I needed to do to get out of here.

James looked a bit annoyed by the fact that Logan came to my room. "Where is Lola and Lindsey?, I haven't seen them for awhile". "Lola don't want to see you after you attacked her and Lindsey is a busy girl", I kinda understood what Simone was saying. Me and Lola don't get along too well and Lindsey I've never got to know properly. "Don't you wonder where Logan is?", James asked. "No not really", I know he didn't believe me. Even if I spoke the truth. We started to discuss plans so I could leave, after awhile someone was knocking on the door. My first thought was that it was Logan again but it wasn't. As I ran to the door and opened it Master Joe stood In front of me with a smirk on his face.

"Hello Miss Moon", he said and walked in with out my permission. "James, Simone nice to see you". "What do you want?", I snapped. He made me uncomfortable. "I heard you didn't feel well, so I'm going to allow you outside the academy". This had to be a joke, I could go outside the academy?. "Really, what's the catch?". "I think you'll figure it out soon enough dear", Master Joe patted me on the head and closed the door as he walked out the room. "Did you hear that?", I said chocked. "Yes you can go outside the academy!", Simone jumped of excitement. "No not that!, that it's a catch. He won't let me go if he doesn't get something out of it". Simone and James seemed like they didn't get it, "like what?". "I don't know, like he wants me to find the other werewolf hunters or something".

Now I was scared to leave, what if Master Joe has a plan?. I've heard rumors that he got weird after I got here. "I'll see you later, I'm going to the training center", I'll lied. I was going out of here, without any goodbyes or hugs. It was time to stop worrying about Master Joe, get a new start. Leaving everyone behind even if it can be a hard thing to do, but I have to find my own hunting family. To find out where I belong and who I'm really am.

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