Why me? (Book1)

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  • Published: 27 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2014
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Lexi Moon is 17 years old. No one knows what she is just that she's not like everyone else.
Her eye colour changes and in the full moon, no one wants to be in her way.
When she was 5 a group of werewolf's found her, and the alpha decided that they would protect her.

But what will happen' when they find out what Lexi is and that she is a danger for the pack?.

Read and find out!

(Book 1)


14. Master Joe

I woke up after having a really bad dream, that James and Logan turned against eachother because of me. I shaked my head and laughed, silly dream. It remind me of Luna, every time one of us dreamed about guys we would talk about it first thing in the morning. 

I took a quick shower and put the clothes on from yesterday, actually that was the only clothes I had right now. "Miss Lexi Moon please go to Master Joe's office", a voice said outside my room. 

I quickly did what the voice said, Master Joe scared me a little after all. I ran the fast as I could to his office, so I was there only after a few minutes. 

"Come in!", he shouted from inside the room after I carefully had knocked on the door.

"Lexi Moon", Master Joe was sitting by his desk like always. I closed the door and stood right infront of him. "When I took you in to my academy I didn't think you would do things I didn't like". 

I hard a weak memory of yesterday, I didn't remember everything. "Don't stand there with that look on you're face!", he struck his fist on the desk. "I'm sorry Master Joe I just have a weak memory of yesterday, I guess something happend when I was asleep or something", I explained. 

He raised one eyebrow at me, "You killed a werewolf, a wolf that I use in training and to give you a lesson when you have broke a rule". 

"But Master Joe, that's cruel. I thought we would kill them so we could make the world a safer place, not use them like puppies". 

"You know what Lexi?, I won't send you to the Arena. Cause you are very special I saw that yesterday. I can have a good use for you someday". 

Why would Master Joe say that?, What am I a toy?. "A good use?", I asked. "You can go now", he shooed me out of the room. 

This academy is so weird. I walked back to my room, ignored everyone I passed on the way. The first thing I did was pack my other clothes, I need to get out of here. I won't be someone's toy. 

I opened the door cause someone was knockin on it, and Simone,James,Logan and Lola stormed in to my room. "What's going on?", I asked them. 

"We tried to talk to you in the hallway but you just walked pass us", James complained. "Yeah I'm leaving the academy", I explained everything and what Master Joe had said to me. 

"I think you exaggerates", Lola said. "We all know that Master Joe isn't a nice person, but come on. You are not the favorite here". "And you are?", Logan started to laugh. 

"Okay stop it!, no one said she was the favorite", Simone said with a strong voice. James was sitting on my bed and looked down on the floor. "James?, you okay?", Lola asked and everyone looked at him. "Yeah but maybe this has something to do with what Master Joe saw yesterday?, he saw what Lexi can do. Her powers are unusual, we all saw it". The others nodded and agreed with him. "What did you say to him exactly after killing that werewolf?", Logan asked. 

"I don't remember, when I woke up this morning my memory from last night was almost completely gone. All I remember is that I used my powers to kill a werewolf, that's all". James and Simone thought that was very strange. "So you don't remember coming to me in the hospital hall last night?", Logan asked me. I shaked my head and James looked curious at me and Logan. 

"I don't think that is supposed to happen", Simone took me to the hospital hall and the other followed. 


"Doctor?", Simone said and hand me over to a man with a white coat. "Simone Blood, what can I help you with?", he asked. 

"Lexi Moon, the werewolf hunter. She used her power last night when it was the full moon and she can't remember things what happen", she explained. I sat down on the hospital bed and the doctor took a flashlight and looked into my eyes. "Interesting", the doctor mumbled. "What?, what is interesting?", Logan asked. 

"Her eyes seems to change eye color very fast, so fast that it's very hard for you guys to see. Tell me Lexi. Was this you're first full moon you used you're powers?". 

"I guess", I said. He put a needle in my arm, "What are you doing?", James shouted. The doctor took a deep breath like he thought we where annoying. "I'm taking some blood sample, if there is something that's going on with her body or anything else. Her blood will tell us". James calmed down. He took the needle out and walked away with my blood in a jar. 

"Mr Flix is one of the best doctors here, don't worry", Simone said to James and Logan. I actually think they need more comfort then I do. 

"So Miss Moon I have you're test results now", Dr. Flix came in looking in some papers. "What do they say?", Simone asked and tried to read on the papers behind Dr. Flix's back. 

"I don't know exactly but it seems like it some kind of side effect from the moon, you should be fine. It happens to every werewolf hunter the first time". 

"I don't want to stay here anymore doctor", I said just like a little kid. "Why not?, this is a safe place for you". 

"She is joking around, she loves it here", Simone sounded a little too convincing so the doctor didn't believe it. "Listen I know what Master Joe is like, I'm not allowed to talk about this but i'm sorry to say that this is not such a safe place for her. Not when he knows what she is capable of". 

"What do you mean?", Lola asked. "It is a reason why Lexi is the only werewolf hunter on the academy, the legend says that a werewolf hunter is the most strong hunting family of all times that even they can be hunted because of it". 

"Hunted of what?", I said with a scary thought in my minde. "Their powers, some people want that kind of powers or own it, some people is willing to kill them because they want it and some just try to brainwash them or make them their pet. It's very importent that you don't trust anyone Lexi, everyone around you could be in danger and remember that you are a hunter but even the hunter can be hunted". 

I began to shiver of the thought of it, how could anyone want to do that?. "So are you saying that Master Joe wants that kinde of power?". The doctor nodded to Simone's question. "She is in more danger than you think because of her powers, but she is more likely to survive because of them too". Dr. Flix tried to make eye contact with me but I just turned my head, "If there is something more that happens to her, come to me", he said and walked out of the room. 

I fell on the ground with tears in my eyes, I was scared. Really scared what will happen to me?, why me?. Logan grabbed my arm and I started to kick and scream all that I could so I would escape his grip. But he was way too strong for me. "Lexi calm down!", he screamed while I was kicking even more. I started to panic, it felt like the hole world was closing in to me and I had no idea why or what I should do. Logan was holding me in his arms so I would calm down a little bit, I was crying like a little baby and Logan hugged me tighter. "It will be okay", he whispered in my ear. "I don't think I can let myself trust you that much to believe you", I whispered back between my sobs. 

It took a while before he answered, "then don't but I will be by you're side, trust you're heart". Logan was so warm that I stopped shaking, my cheeks was wet because of all the tears. "Okay I will go too much loveydovey for me", Simone said. I could hear her footsteps disappear in the hallway. I buried my face in Logan's arms so no one could see my face. "Are you done?", James said to Logan with a harsh voice. Logan got up and let me stay on the floor, I immediatly got cold again. "You want to take over?", he said. Lola grabbed James arm so he couldn't move. 

"What is that supposed to mean?", James asked. "I know that you don't want me near Lexi, don't play innocent I know you better then anyone", Logan said back. I hated this It was exactly like in my dream, that they turned against eachother because of me. But I didn't understand why, James haven't show any interest in me and Logan has.. Well a little any way, but not like that. 

I got upset again, Master Joe, the guys, my powers it was too overwhelming for me. Logan left and Lola ran after him. "Lexi you okay?", he asked carefully. I got up and walked up to him, "What does it look like?", I said and looked at him. He could see my face, how much I had cried and I still cried. Before I could leave he grabbed my arm, "Hey you know you can trust me, I don't want to see you hurt", he said. Those words would have maked me smile, but after my dream and what Logan had said I couldn't smile. "Let go of me", I mumbled. He did what I said and I walked away. 

It felt like all my energy was gone, I could barely walk to my room. My head was full of voices telling me to leave and on the other minute I could hear what Dr. Flix had said, and what Logan and James had said to me. It all got so confusing. I even started to mumble the word danger without knowing why. I walked into poeple normally I would apologize but my mind was somewhere else. 

Suddenly I walked into Simone and Lindsey, Simone said my name and stopped me. "Oh my god Lexi, are you okay?", she said. Lindsey stood beside her complaining how pale I was. "I don't think you should be alone tonight", Simone totally ignorde Lindsey. 

I forgot how quick the day could go here, sometimes it goes very slow and sometimes it doesn't. "It's already dark outside?", I asked and looked at Simone. She nodded and looked around. "Hey Lola, Come here!". She shouted. Lola came and asked what was wrong. "Lexi shouldn't be alone tonight, but the vampire hunters are going out and hunt tonight so can she sleep at you're room?", Simone asked. 

I really didn't want to spend a night with Lola, I couldn't trust her and I've got a strange feeling that she hates me for some reason. "Why would I do that?", Lola said and crossed her arms. "Lola look at her, she is like a zombie!". I know that Simone didn't trust me, she only trusted her own kinde, it should be that way. I didn't trust her either but she cared about me sometimes anyway. "Fine, she can sleep in my room. But only for tonight", Lola warned her. She grabbed me and took me to her room. It looked almost like my room, but she had more messier than I. "Sleep on this", she said and put a thin mattress on the floor. She grabbed a blanket from the closet and gave it to me, "So what is going on between you and Logan?". "Nothing", I said. 

"Oh come on I have seen how you two treat one and nother", Lola sat down on her bed wating for me to say some secrets to her. "Please stop", I mumbled and sat down on the mattress beside her bed. "Or is it James?", she asked and gave me flirty look. "I told you to stop!", I screamed. "His room number is 234, and Logan's is 345. If you, you know change you're minde".

I could feel the anger grow inside of me, I grabbed Lola's throat and threw her in to the wall. "You are a monster!", she screamed at me and then screamed for help. James was there in a second, "Lexi, what have you done?", he asked while I stood and looked at my hands. I ran to my room and locked the door, I was so scared. It felt like this wasn't normal. 

I sat down in a corner of my room, all these voices came back. I fell asleep after all. 

I woke up in the middle of the night, I had a nightmare. Master Joe had captured me in a cage and I didn't remember anything. No matter how much I tried I couldn't sleep after that. I walked out of my room and took a walk in the academy. After a while I ended up outside room 345, I knocked at the door and Logan opened with tired eyes. "Lexi?", he said and yawned a little. "I'm sorry I woke you up I don't know why I did that", I said quickly. "No it's okay, whats going on?", he asked. 

"I.. I just don't want to be alone and I attacked Lola without knowing really why I did it", I started speak faster and faster. He hold me in his arms, "Stay here". He brought me in to his room, the guys room was totally different from ours. They had a couch, we didn't and they had a bigger bathroom. "You can sleep on the couch if you want", he said. My feelings said that I wanted to sleep by his side but that would just get weird. "Thanks", I mumbled and laid down on the couch with a pillow and a blanket. Logan turned of the lights and went to bed. 

It felt more safer having Logan in the same room. 


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