Why me? (Book1)

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  • Published: 27 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2014
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Lexi Moon is 17 years old. No one knows what she is just that she's not like everyone else.
Her eye colour changes and in the full moon, no one wants to be in her way.
When she was 5 a group of werewolf's found her, and the alpha decided that they would protect her.

But what will happen' when they find out what Lexi is and that she is a danger for the pack?.

Read and find out!

(Book 1)


13. Full Moon

I went back to my room so I could change clothes before breakfast. There was some clothes at my bed, I picked them up in my hands. It wasn't my clothes, have someone been here?. 

I put the clothes on me, black tight jeans and a brown leather shirt. Everything felt so tight on my body. I looked at myself in the mirror, It didn't look like me at all. 

After I changed clothes I went to the dinner room. It smelled so good in there. They had everything, egg, bacon, sandwiches, milk and so much more. I stood by the breakfast buffet with no idea what to eat. "Much food huh?", Logan said while taking an apple. "Yeah, I have no idea what to choose". "Let me choose for you". Logan took my plate and waited for me to take a seat at the table, so I did. Simone and Lindsey was eating their breakfast at the table. "Hi Lexi", Lindsey said and took a bite from her apple. "Nice outfit", Simone said and looked impressed. I sat down beside Simone "thanks, It's not mine though". 

"Everyone gets some kind of suit when they are here, so I guess that is a present from the academy", Lindsey said. 

Logan came back with my plate, it was full of food. Sandwiches, fruit, cereals. "Here you go", Logan said and gave me the plate. "Thanks". 

Lindsey gave me a flirty look and then looked at Logan. I ignored her and ate my breakfast. 

"Tonight is the full moon", Lindsey changed subject. "It is!?", I shouted. Everyone was looking at me, couldn't blame them. They didn't know what could happen to me at the fullmoon. Either did I but I know what happen with Xander and Savannah when I used my powers at them, and that the Alpha said they was lucky it wasn't a fullmoon that night. 

"What's the big deal?", Logan asked. 

"Oh nothing", I stambled on my words. 

Simone and James didn't even know what had happen that night, the Alpha didn't tell them. Just that I had strong powers and all that. 

"Is it hunt time tonight?", I asked. 

"No, we are not allowed to hunt when it's fullmoon", Lindsey explained. 

Everyone got quiet. 

"How are you holding up?, since the Lola thing I mean", Logan asked. 

"Fine, I've learned that you can trust anyone here"

Logan nodded and drank some water. "Well i'm going to the training center, see you guys later", Simone got up and walked away. 

Great now I had to stay here with Logan and Lindsey all alone.. 

"So Logan, found a girl yet?", Lindsey asked. I almost choked on my sandwich that I ate. "Why are you asking that all of a sudden?", Logan asked back. "Curious", she said and smiled at me. "Yeah you vampire hunters always are", Logan left the room, he sounded a little angry. "Why did you do that Lindsey?". "What?, I'm a curious person. Okay?". 

"Maybe you should do something about that!", I got up and walked after Logan. 

I wanted to make sure he was okay. 

In the hallway I saw Logan talking to James. I wonder if they tell secrets like we girls do. I was going to walk up to them when I saw Lola stand there too. Should I go to them?. It felt like I had nothing to lose anyway so I walked up to them. 

"Logan, are you okay?. You seemed angry when you left". 

All three of them was stairing at me."I'm fine", Logan said. "I'll see you got new clothes", It looked like Lola wanted to kill me because of them. "Hey do the time go faster when it's full moon?", I asked. James nodded and looked at the clock on the wall. 4PM!?. Already?. I just ate breakfast. "crap", I mumbled. I went to the training central, so I could think about something else for awhile. 


I couldn't see Simone or anyone else in the room. I was alone, perfectly exactly what I wanted right now. I took up my dagger that I placed in my boot. I pulled some buttons on one of the walls and a huge bag came out from the wall, I started to rip it apart. It felt so right standing there and attack a huge punching bag, I could control my anger. 

I had no idea how long I stood there punching and cutting that bag. "Lexi!", a voice shouted. I stopped and saw Lindsey standing in the middle of the room. "What do you want?". "A werewolf down in the basement has escaped". "What?, how?". 

Lindsey looked really worried. "We don't know but you have to come with me NOW". 

Me and Lindsey ran to the basement door, people was hiding under tables and in rooms. "Where is the others?", I asked. "Down there", Lindsey pointed at the door. "They can get killed!", I shouted while opening the door. I ran down the stairs, the hole room was bright. Like the moon was in the basement. I heard some growling and screaming infront of me, I followed the noices and saw a big black wolf with yellow eyes howled. James was sitting on the floor with Lola as protection, cause he can't fight yet. Logan stood infront of the werewolf with his long dagger and Simone stood next to him. "Get away from it!", I shouted. 

Logan cut the wolf on it's leg but it didn't have any effect. It just pissed the werewolf of even more. 

"Let me take care of it!".

"You haven't trained enough!", Simone screamed back at me. 

The werewolf hit her so she hit the wall on the other side. "Logan help Simone!", I said. 

"You can't take care of it alone Lexi", James said behind Lola. "Trust me I know what I'm doing". 

It started growling and biting at me.  

My hole body felt cold, I could see that my eyes was shining just as bright like the moon in it's eyes. I took a hard grip on my dagger and cut it's throat open.

It was dead. 

"Oh my god Lexi!", Lola shouted while shaking. 

"Master Joe will kill us cause you killed it", Simone looked at the dead werewolf with big eyes. 

We heard fast footsteps coming closer to us, "Whats going on down here?", Master Joe stopped when he saw the big werewolf on the floor. 

"You", he said and pointed at me. 

I didn't react my body was still cold, my powers was still on. 

"Why did you kill my training animal!?, ANSWER ME", he scremed. 

"It was hurting, I gave him peace", I said with a low voice that it almost sounded like a whisper. 

"Master Joe, without Lexi here we would have died". Logan explained. 

Joe looked really angry, he was pissed. "I know you were powerfull Lexi Moon, but I didn't think you would kill something that was mine!", he screamed and went back. 

"Lexi you look different", Simone said and looked at me.

"Come close and I rip your face off vampire hunter", I said. 

"Lexi don't talk like that, thats not you", James got up. 

I pointed my dagger at him, "You have no idea who I really am".

Lindsey ran towards us, "It's the moon, her powers is more dangerous when it's the fullmoon. She can't control it". "How did you found out?", I asked. 

Lindsey hold her dagger tight in her hand, "I.. I did some research at the library". She stumbled.

Every pulse in my body said that I should kill everyone near me cause they are in my way. 

"When does the moon go away?", Logan asked Lindsey.

"Don't know".

My body didn't feel cold anymore, I fell down on my knees with a headache

Jamie hugged me while I was sitting on the cold stone floor. 

"Lexi?, are you alright?", Logan asked. 

I nodded and James helpt me up on my feet. "Logan, what happen to you?". 

His arm was bleeding, "Before you came the werewolf... They have sharp claws". I walked up to him and looked at his arm. "I'm so sorry Logan", I said and looked in to his eyes. He looked in to mine and smiled. "It's not your fault, don't ever think that", he said calmly. 

"Simone are you okay?", Jamie said and walked up to her. 

"Just a bruise, I'm fine Jamie".

I looked at her and saw a big bruise on her arm. "Oh my god Simone, I'm so sorry", I said.

"It's not your fault Lexi", she said and looked at Logan. 

"Me and Simone are going to the hospital hall", Logan and Simone walked away. It didn't take long before Lindsey and Lola did the same. 

I looked at the big werewolf on the floor. "I cant believe I did that", I mumbled. 

"You were amazing". Jamie started to touch my hair, "I'm glad your okay Lexi". 

I smiled at him. His eyes were so green. Since I met Jamie I thought he had gorgeous eyes. 

"I'm going to the hospital hall to get some pain killers", I said and walked away from him. 

I felt mean when I did that, but things got so weird. 

My head was hurting so bad, I went to the first room I saw. "Excuse me can I have some pain killers?", I asked the doctor. I didn't even recognise that Logan sat on the bed with no shirt on. 

"Sure, where are you in pain?".

"My head hurt really bad", I explaind.

The doctor went inside another room. "Are you hurt?, Logan asked. 

"L.. Logan I didn't see you there", I couldn't focus. Those muscles.. He had a bandage on his arm. 

"I asked are you hurt?", he said and got up. 

"N..No my head just hurts", I stumbled. 

Logan was really attractive, but it was realy frustating to see him without a shirt cause I didn't know what to say. 

"You should get some rest then", he said and smiled at me. 

"Here are your medicin", the doctor came in and gave me a few pills. 

"Thank you", I said and walked out from the room. 

I could here the doctor talk to Logan. 

"Sit down Logan Scott, take these and don't do so much training. The wolf gave you a deep wound".

A deep wound?, why does everything feel like it's my fault. 

I went back to my room and swallowed the pills in my hand. I fell down on my bed and fell asleep. 


Wich guy do you think will match Lexi best?, Logan or Jamie? :). 

Comment wht you think!.


xoxo BraveJ


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