Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



"Walk with me." He told me

Walk with you or with you?

"We need to talk."

You wouldn't hear my words


I would sit under the tree

Your creation they say

I would sit and eat

Listen to what you have to offer


I would ask you so many questions

Why turn your back on Earth?

Why leave us in pain?

Why not bring a second birth?


I wouldn't be afraid

To ask questions of you

To seek answers that you should have given

So very long ago


The bared wire hearts

The fire in the eye

The hands that rise up

towards you in the sky


I sit and listen for hours

In some thing we agree

Love is a cliché

yet it really is the key


So I do not walk in the way with you

My heart beats a different path

So many waste the given hours

following a system

the abuse of power!

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