Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



When I opened my eyes this morning, I saw trees

I witnessed the sun coming up

from behind me a white horse welcomes me to the new day

I sit up from the ground and wipe away the dirt from my body

My back aches from the roughness of the nights sleep

I stand with my sword fastened to my side

I look around the forest in which I stand

I shield my eyes from the light that cuts through the trees

I move over to the horse and lay my hand softly on him

He knows without a spoken word that we must journey on soon

There is no time to eat so I ride away

I know the water will cold as we cross the lake

I will find what I am looking for, I have the black stone in my pocket

I feel the power from it, my guide, my map

Here my journey will end

Nothing stops me riding towards my destiny


Over the lake I dismount that horse and thank it for its help

far in the distance I see a castle I must reach by foot

A bright night star burns inside of me

my journey ends within those walls


passing through the overgrown Forrest I meet a faerie

she floats, so small to my ear

Her words are tiny sparks of dust

She tells me "Your are the noble one!"

I feel a mixture of purpose and fear

My journey ends within those walls


I move ever closer to the castle

At the foot of the gate I stand

I hold my sword in my hand and I call

"Open and let me inside!"


I walk into the great hall

I feel so small

I know I have to be here

for my journey ends in these walls

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