Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



I spin around the universe

I float upon the stars

I seek a higher purpose

To know who you are


I move through astral fields

I know all of this is real

The seeking

The knowing


Although it seems like a vast expanse

I know you are floating towards me

You bring gifts

You guide my daily life


I hold up my hand

Stars glide through my fingers

I feel you around me

In my minds eye you are nearer

Clearer to me


In every fibre

In every cell

I am finding the answers

To my place in this world


You give me creation

Yet you are no GOD

You are the pen

I am the ink


What I have found may have taken years

What I have found, it replaced my fear

Now I know why I need this here

Everything calm for a while


I know I must write to get through

I will tell the stories that visit me

For I believe they are out there, somewhere

waiting to be given a voice


I learn from those people

They are teachers to me

with me everyday as I live

A gift


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