Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



I see beyond

I need no drug

I feel the places

move inside

I know of the power

The colours beyond

The key to the other space


To walk outside

the shell we have

The power we hold

Not magic - NOT SPELLS


A game of life

Life that you are yet to know

To have in your heart

To beat the blood of time

I saw you - I'm sure

Not physical but the shadow of a dream


I watch outside and I need not go

To know those places are real

To feel inside and know

The universe is within me

I am in the universe


So even if I close my eyes and see black

I know beyond the curtain

you wait to reveal

all that is real

all that I know is certain


I wait

I wait

I wait some more

Till the day I see the world away

from the world I live today 

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