Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



He walks in the shadow of the sun

His day the same and again

He finds his way home

Every night alone


Surrounded by silence

All the people he turns from

In the room where he feels



Did they plan this from above?

Did they take his plan and seed?

Did they put him into the river?

Did they push him out to Sea?


He turns from the world he can not live in

Words are all that matter

Words and expression

These are lovers and Gods


Could you ever walk away?

Never tell another story?

Never feel another light

Another year to fight


I wish for the reason and the rhyme

I wasted so many creative opportunities

Now they seem to be flowing to me

I serve them well (I hope)


Face the light and the dark

Face the night of day and the day of night

turn on the darkness

turn off the light


Hear the words as they speak to you

Hear the wisdom that it teaches too

Hear the primal scream within

Set it free to the page of the ages


I will foster and nurture

I will express and claim

TO be able to be free

To be Me!


So shout from the roof

the world will turn

my words will speak

in a language I learn





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