Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



He moved across a blanket of stardust

his hand over the side of the boat

The stars winked as he said on past

nothing was going to stop


The blackness around him

the star dust twinkled

Far below the world slept

Unaware he was on a journey


The places he saw as they whispered

"Go far, to the event horizon"

He knew he could never turn that boat around

Destiny had made a solider of him


He let his hand feel the ripple of space

He saw planets and moons from afar

He saw asteroid belts and navigated through

The other side of morning


Just him and a boat

Nothing more and nothing less

He watched as the boat made waves

Could this journey be ever more?

Did it stop when reached the shoreline?


Go now, sail away boy

Sail in the stars and the dust

We blow a kiss to push you on

Never forget all of us






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