Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



Down the street and around the corner

across the road and pass the lake

Across the bridge to the other side

It takes me to the place


I walked with the sun telling me stories

I have walked with the bitter cold

The snow twinkled below my feet

The blanket of white like a page waiting to be written on


The connection with these surroundings

It is here that I find your voice

It tells me so many things

When the fears set in me, like stone


To leave an impression, you must have something to say

If the understanding is partial, If its whole

I will take these woods with no fear

The bird song leads me out


If I have to climb tree's, so be it

To look out but never down upon

People passing me by

I feel the energy of each soul


It seems to be fading from the world

The joy, the joy is running

from so many people

I hardly see a smile these days


The soulless still wait like vultures

They are never lost for words

That harm and cut and bleed with the hatred

From the heart of which they were born


So, Climb trees if you have to

Rise above it all

Be the one to sit pretty

Be the one who stands tall

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