Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



"Don't take this path"

I don't want to disturb the snow

The flakes that form in wondrous patterns

We only see the blanket of white


"Don't write your name"

In the snow or in the black ink

Of a heart that is beating blue

from the ink of the pen of you


"Don't say goodbye"

Not tonight or any other

Not a friend or foe

Not a kindred soul

Not a lover!


"Come back to me..."

We can light a ribbon and burn

We can use sage if you like

Clean this out tonight

Forever belongs to no one



Until I hear every last word

I have HEARD all those stories

What you tell me is true

Maybe true to no one but you!

Fire burns and the sun burns

The light is bright and blinds

Like the one who walks in darkness

He doesn't know his name


I relaxed my mind and fell to sleep

to dream that I would lose my teeth

to never have my words heard

To be silenced again


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