Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .


20. LAVA

Fire burning inside and out

flame catching the walls of

the heart will beat as it bursts with lava

from an eruption of heat this brings


Capture this for memorial

Take it into a bell jar

watch it burn out slowly

the air has escaped


Didn't you feel the hotness

See the smouldering before the burst

See the bright orange and reds

Wood has splinted the heart


Why did it  have to be this way?

Why in all of the world was it ours?

To fall under the power

others rule your mind


It is gone into yesterday

With all of the trivial things that you felt

Gone into another place

Where it doesn't add to the worried faces


Do we turn from this and never look back?

Do we run from this blue into the river of black?

DO we hide around corners holding our breath?

OR do WE stay true to the feeling of who we are?


Don't let the power of powers take your mind

Fight their remote viewing of your life

Who are they to steer your day

to the way of what they feel is right!




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