Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



A book was on the table, unread

I wondered where it come from

It had a blank cover and no author

An idea waiting to be written


Was it really on the table?

With the cards and the dirty cup

The pages were blank

Representing an opportunity to create


I wondered about what would stain those pages

What thoughts would come forth and reveal?

Could I capture them for my own?

Would I be the one to tell their story?


Would those pages take me to space?

Would I be looking in on someones life?

Would it be happy or sadness?

Could I be brave enough?


A blank book with no name

Who was I to say what you should be called?

Should I just put you away?

Let your story be your own



Blank pages

Snow paper to blow and reveal words

To know the story has been given

Is the start of the journey!



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