13 and DD

No one is totally happy with themselves. This is my story about the struggles I have gone through and am still going through because of my body.

1. Problem

Nearly all teenagers have at least one thing they hate about themselves; be it stomach, bum, face or hair. No one is 100% happy with their appearance, no matter what they say. For me, my breasts are the problem. Now don’t jump to conclusions; I’m not one of those sappy teens obsessed with body image. Nor am I one of those girls who want big fake plastic breasts from an enlargement operation. In fact, the problem I have with my boobs are that they are too big. Don’t get me wrong, I’m almost perfectly content with my figure; I’m relatively thin, with a curvy shape and long legs. My waist goes in and my hips bloom out. My skin is quite good to, except I tend to get spots on my nose and the backs of my shoulders but, hey ho no one’s perfect.

It’s not that I’m even that bothered by my breasts anymore. Granted, I used to absolutely despise them. I hated that boys talked about me like I was a piece of meat and my boobs were the tastiest bit. It drove me crazy. Lads made dirty comments about ‘tit wanking’ and ‘motor boating’ (in fact, a lot still do). Some even had the audacity to touch my blossoming lady parts; which was completely inappropriate especially considering I was only an 11/12 year old girl. One boy even undid my bra during lunch time because he “wanted to see what I looked like”. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time crying during the first few years of school and I was terrified of the male gender entirely.  I still am to some extent but not as much. To be honest, my opinion on boys was crushed during those years and it’s taken my friends a long time to convince me that not all guys are complete and utter pigs. Now a days, I’m happy to say that I know quite a few guys I consider my close friends.

So now you know that, like every single teenager on this planet, I don’t like my body. Well; I don’t like one particular part of my body. Two parts if you think about it. So, besides making me hate guys, my boobs also mean I can’t wear a lot of clothes, simply because they hang weird and make me look fat. Funny thing is, neither of these things bother me anymore. Okay that was a total lie. The truth would be they don’t bother me as much as they used to. I’ve learned to deal with clothing, it’s a trial and error process.  With boys, I find it’s best to ignore them, although I still spend some time upset about it but I have more important things to deal with. Thankfully there are some guys that could actually pass as decent human beings. The only problem I face now is my back pains. Due to the strain on my muscles, my shoulder blades have been pulled out of place, leading to winged scapula’s. This means that, instead of my shoulder blades moving smoothing forwards and backwards as my arms/body moves, my scapula’s jar outwards and then move. This can cause a great deal of pain for me.

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