Forever & Always

This is the third and final book to the series 'Brother's Best Friend' Justin and Becca, now have two children. Jesse is now out of jail. Lyssa now has another baby she wants. Justin has some problems. An accident could ruin their family...

Okay guys, I decided to make this because I realize how much you all love it. This is probably the last book. I'm not quite sure yet. I love you all so so so much. You guys are absolutely amazing <3


2. What? No...

I was awoken by getting kisses from my boys.


I smiled and opened my eyes. Justin was holding Carter. She was touching his face and Justin smiled at her.


Justin: Wanna see mommy?


Drew sat next to me and played with his little bear that he had from birth.


Justin: Carter wants you baby.


Becca: Come sit next to me and she can be with both of us.


Justin slid next to me and I looked at Carter. Her eyes were blue, blonde hair, big lips. She was perfect.


Justin: She's been waiting for you to wake up.


Becca: Well mommy's up now.


She reached torward me and I took her in my arms. Justin and I had a king sized bed so it was easy for the whole family to fit.


Justin and I agreed that we probably shouldn't have too much family visit Carter yet, she was just born and it would probably scare her. Carter only really liked Justin and I. Like she hated the nurses. She would scream when they first tried to take her from me to put her in the nursary.


She grabbed on to my hair and Justin smiled.


Justin: Look at us... our family is absolutely amazing.


Becca: Thank you..


Justin: For what?


Becca: Giving me this family.


Justin: you shouldn't thank me, you deserve everything you want.


I smiled at him and he pressed his lips to mine.


Justin: Thank you.


Becca: What?


Justin: For staying with me no matter what- for always believing in me. For never giving up on me. Never giving up on us. Thank you for being my wife, for being my best friend. For being these children's mother.


Becca: You deserve hapiness to-


Drew: Thank you mommy and daddy.


(Okay so I don't like writing how a baby would talk because it gets a little annoying, so just imagine it how babies say stuff, sorry Xx)


Becca: For what baby?


Drew: Being mommy and daddy.


I smiled at him. Justin reached across me and Carter and pulled Drew on to his lap. He hugged Drew and kissed his head.


Justin: I love you buddy.


Drew: I love you daddy.


I smiled and kissed both of them.


Drew put his hand on Carter's head. She reached up for his hand and held on to it.


Becca: Justin, look!


He smiled at me.


Justin: I know.




I looked up and COrey and Dakota were standing there.


Becca: Guys!


I wanted to get up, but I had my kids on me.


Corey: Can I meet her?


I nodded. They walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.


Corey: She's beautiful.


Drew: Uncle Corey!


Corey: There's my Drew!


Drew hopped over to Corey and landed in his lap.


Corey: DO you want us to watch the kids tonight?


Becca: Um- well, Carter doesn't really like other people.


Carter was a couple weeks old, I was still a little shaky on leaving her- but Justin misses his time with me I think...


Dakota: Can I hold her?


I nodded. Carter squirmed at first when I handed her to Dakota, but then she settled and fell to sleep.


Justin: Okay Carter doesn't like other people- except for Dakota.


We all laughed and now that I didn't have Carter in my arms Justin wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head.


Corey: Drew, you wanna spend the night with Aunt Kota and me?


Drew: Bye Mommy and Daddy.


I smiled at Drew.


Becca: Are you just leaving me like that?


Drew looked sad.


Drew: I stay with Mommy.


He crawled over to me and hugged me.


Becca: I was messing with you baby, you can stay with Uncle Corey.


Drew looked unsure.


Becca: Mommy and Daddy will pick you up in the morning..


Drew: Okay.


He scooted back over to Corey and Dakota.




Justin and I got up and packed everything Drew and Carter would need.


Becca: Okay- I got the bottle, make sure-


Corey: Becca, relax, they'll be fine, they've done this before.


Becca: I know, it's just they're my babies-


Justin: Becca, relax, Corey and Dakota, well Dakota is responsible.


I smiled at Justin.


Becca: Okay, Drew can mommy get a kiss?


I kneeled down and Drew toddled over to me and kissed me.


Becca: I love you Drew.


Drew: Love you too mommy.


I picked him up and brought him over to Justin.


Justin gave him a kiss.


Justin: Be a good boy and take care of Carter okay?


Corey: Come on, we still have enough time to take you to the zoo.


Becca: Bye Corey, bye Dakota..


I gave Carter a kiss and said bye to them.


Okay so our housing situation is weird.. Corey and Dakota live in the same house, BUT it's seperated into two different parts so they can't hear anything in our house, unless it's Drew and Carter screaming bloody murder.


As the door closed Justin kissed the back of my head.

Becca: What's the plan for today?


Justin: Wanna go to the pool?


Becca: Sure.


I faced him and he placed his lips on mine..


Justin: And then we'll come home, get showers, and then i'm taking you to dinner...


Becca: Sounds amazing.


Justin: We haven't had a date in awhile...


Becca: Well, without me being pregnant...


I smiled at him and pecked his lips.


Becca: Well let's go get in our bathing suits!


I ran up the stairs and he chased me.


I laughed as he cought me from behind and spun me around.


Becca: I love you so so so much.


Justin: I love you so so so SO much.


He attacked my face with kisses and I laughed the whole time.


~ ~ ~


It was about 1 pm when we finally got to the pool. When we got there and few girls came over and just stared at Justin. They gave me the death stare. But meanwhile, his arms around me, and I'm the mother of his children.


He jumped in the deep end with me and I held on to him for dear life.


Justin: That wasn't bad at all.


Becca: It's FREEZING!


Justin: I'll keep you warm.


He smiled at me and tried to pull me into a hug and I pushed him away.


Becca: I don't trust you.


Justin: You should, i'm your husband.


Becca: Exactly.


He pouted.


Justin: Please!


Becca: No.


Justin: Babyy!!


I smiled and swam over to him and held on to him. my lips pressed to his.


Justin: If I was drowning would you save me?


Becca: Of coarse..


He made me let go of him. He stopped paddling and acted like he was drowning.


Justin: Help, help.


I shook my head and laughed.


I held on to him. He closed his eyes and mumbled.


Justin: I think I need mouth to mouth resecitation...


I smiled and pressed my lips to his.


Justin: I think I might die.


Becca: I guess you won't be able to make it to tonights date...


Justin: I suddenly feel a whole lot better.


I laughed and held on to his neck.


Becca: I love you. So much.


~ ~ ~


We were finally at the resturaunt and I smiled at Justin. He started playing footsies under the table. Paparazzi was outside taking pictures.


Becca: Justin.


Justin: Yes love?


Becca: You're so weird.


He kicked me under the table.


Becca: You're so weird...


We ordered and afterwards we went home.


Justin was staring at me.


Becca: What?


Justin: you're so beautiful, like absolutely stunning.


I smiled at him. I walked over and placed my lips over his.


This was going to be the first time in a long time we've done this.


And I know Justin was ready.


 ~ ~ ~


I woke up late the next morning. No clothes on, just the sheets over me. Justin was next to me. He looked so peaceful in the morning. So I didn't disturb him. I got up, showered and Dressed. I walked through the bedroom and Justin walked over to me.


Justin: Why didn't you wake me up?


Becca: you looked so peaceful..


Justin: I don't care..


He pressed his lips to mine.


Becca: I'm going to go get the kids, get showered and dressed for the kids.


Justin: I like staying undressed for you...


I smiled and playfully smacked him.


Becca: Go.


Justin: Be safe.


I smiled and walked over to Dakota and Corey's place.


Dakota opened the door.


Dakota: Hey! Corey took them for breakfast. Sorry.


Becca: That's okay, wanna hang out?


Dakota: Um-


Becca: You haven't been acting yourself lately, what's up?


Dakota: Becca-


Becca: Please tell me?


Dakota: Fine... come in...


I stepped in and she sat on the couch and so did I.


Dakota: Becca- I don't want to say this, but I can't hang out with you without you knowing this...


Becca: What..?


Dakota: You can't hate me...


Becca: That depends..


Dakota: When Justin came home with his pants on backwards... and high... that was..


Becca: What?


Dakota: Because we were both at the party, we were both smoking weed- and-


Becca: And what?


Dakota: I slept with Justin.






My bestfriend and my husband?


They're just now telling me?


Justin didn't mention it?




After that everything started to crumble.
























*AN THERE YOU GO :) It'd be more detailed, but i'm so happy.


<3333 I JUST MET BEFIRE YOU EXIT Like dhcjgayvhbairgveryvgbsihfv I can't even.... but ANYWAYS.... JUSTIN AND DAKOTA? DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING... DID YOU?*

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