Forever & Always

This is the third and final book to the series 'Brother's Best Friend' Justin and Becca, now have two children. Jesse is now out of jail. Lyssa now has another baby she wants. Justin has some problems. An accident could ruin their family...

Okay guys, I decided to make this because I realize how much you all love it. This is probably the last book. I'm not quite sure yet. I love you all so so so much. You guys are absolutely amazing <3


12. This Happens To Be The Ending

He called 911 immediately. He had hope, she wasn't completely white yet, her face wasn't purple, and her body was still somewhat warm.

He held on to her hand, the whole time, even though she didn't know he was there.

As they entered the operating room, the doctors made Justin wait outside, nervous, anxious, and lost.

What seemed like days later, which in all honesty was probably a couple hours, the doctors left the room.

And this is where we are now.


The doctors looked at Justin and nodded their heads. They looked at the floor and walked away.

Justin's heart dropped.

He dragged himself into the hospital room, wanting to do nothing more than cry.

He walked over to her and held her hand.

Justin: You can do this baby, you are strong enough, your family needs you, Your brother needs you, the fans need you, Dakota needs you, your own children need you, Baby, I need you.

He fell asleep, holding her hand. Never wanting to let her go.

We all knew it would happen one day, we just never thought it would be today.

We never thought it would be today.

So we fight, through the hurt, and try and try and try and try.

So far away and now I just need you near.

And we cry, and cry, and cry.

We fell so far, from where we're supposed to be.





This happens to be the ending. Nothing will be the same.




















~Rebecca's POV~

I woke up, surprised I had succeeded in my suicide attempt.

The bright lights blinded me, I sat up.

My arms felt a pain in them as I did sit up.

I thought you didn't hurt when you were dead?

I looked at my arm and there were a bunch of needles in them.

I went to pull them out, but I felt something on my hand.

I looked over and there he was, holding my hand, asleep against the side of the bed.

I wasn't supposed to be alive. I swore I took way too many pills, I swear, that he was out too long.

I looked at his face.

It was all red, tears dried to his face, tears falling down his face still, even though he was asleep.

I slowly reached for his face. I touched his skin and he winced, but then he relaxed.

He stayed asleep, but his lips pressed against my palm, even though his eyes were still closed. I brushed my hand through his hair. It was soft and fluffy, as always.

I don't know why, but I just started sobbing uncontrollably.

He stirred and looked at me, he seemed confused.

Justin: Great, now she's in my dreams..

He started crying.

He thought I was dead. I was a dream.

Justin: I miss you princess, and when I wake up, I'm not sure what i'm gonna do. But I-I know you're not real, but I-I just need you to know I love you more than anything; and-and I know this is my fault, but I would never chose anybody over you, you may have think that I love Selena, but she just needed comforting. You're the only one I've ever wanted.

Tears came to my eyes.

Becca: I'm sorry for putting you through this Justin.

Justin: Before I wake up- I just need a kiss, or a hug.

He stood up and hugged me. I held on to him like there was no tomorrow.

His eyes met with mine and his lips pressed against mine. He held me close, as if it was the last time he was going to see me, which he honestly believed it would be.


Becca: Please lay with me?

He nodded and curled up next to me, brushing his hands through my hair, crying, kissing my head repeatedly.

So then and there, he fell asleep.

I did too.


I was, however, woken up by a knock.

My eyes opened and focused on Justin, who was staring straight at me from the chair next to the bed.

He didn't turn toward the door. He just stared at me.

Justin cried and fell to his knees.

I tried to get up, but the needles were holding me there.

I started to pull at them.

Justin: DON'T DO THAT!

He screamed in horror and stood up.

Becca: I want to see you.

Tears started pouring down my face.

He ran over and checked the needles.

He looked at me and took my face in his hands.

He started wiping the tears from my face with his thumbs.

A nurse ran in the room and started calling in doctors.

Justin: I love you baby.

Becca: I-I love you.

I could barely talk. I just needed Justin.

The doctors tried to take me away from Justin.

I started screaming at them.

They started pulling me away from him.

Justin started screaming at them.

They pulled him off of me.

Then they pulled me into a big room and just stared at me.

I started crying like a baby.

Becca: I just want my Justin.











*AN You didn't think i'd end it did you? SO I WROTE THIS CAUSE HEARTBREAKER CAME OUT AND I DIDN'T WANT TO BREAK YOUR HEARTS! Sooo comment and tell me whatcha think and when you want it updated again. Soonest is MAYBE tonight, but just lemme know. I love you guys so much. im sorry for not updating.


Stay BeautifulXx*

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