Forever & Always

This is the third and final book to the series 'Brother's Best Friend' Justin and Becca, now have two children. Jesse is now out of jail. Lyssa now has another baby she wants. Justin has some problems. An accident could ruin their family...

Okay guys, I decided to make this because I realize how much you all love it. This is probably the last book. I'm not quite sure yet. I love you all so so so much. You guys are absolutely amazing <3


16. My Little Fighter


He put his hand over my mouth as I tried to scream for Justin. I heard a bed creak and I was hopeful it was Justin. I saw Drew walk out of his bedroom. I bit Jesse's hand and he let go of my mouth.


Jesse looked back as saw Drew. He dropped me and ran and got Drew. I screamed.


Drew screamed and Jesse ran back to me, with Drew in his arms and pulled me down the stairs.

Goddamnit Justin wake up!

As Jesse was pulling us out the door, Justin ran out of the room.

Justin: LET THEM GO.

He started panicing and flew down the stairs. He was too late though. As Jesse through me in the truck with Drew.

Becca: Shh, don't make too much noise,baby. Daddy is going to find us, and save us.

I started crying. I wouldn't mind as much, except now Jesse has my kid AND I, he could hurt Drew, or make Drew watch Jesse sexually abuse me.

Drew: Mommy, I wove you.

He wiped my tears and kissed my face.

Drew: Daddy twold me that if this wever happened to be your little fighter, because it's happened before.

I looked at him and smiled.

Becca: You'll be my little fighter anyways.

I brushed his hair back and kissed his forehead.

Becca: Honey?

Drew: Wes?

Becca: You can take a nap, okay?

He nodded and nuzzled his head into my chest.


Jesse dragged us out of the trunck and into an old, abandoned hotel. He looked at me, and smiled, as if he was doing nothing wrong. I heard a beep, and apparently so did Jesse.

Jesse: What the fuck was that?

Becca: Don't use that language around my son.

Jesse got close to my face.

Jesse: I'll use whatever fucking language I want to.

He looked at Drew.

Jesse: So you're Drew, her prized baby boy.

Becca: Don't touch him.

Drew squeezed my hand as Jesse got closer to his face.


Jesse looked back at me and slapped me.


Becca: Drew, calm down, don't scream.

Jesse: Shut him up or i'll kill him.

Becca: Then let him sit on my fucking lap.

Jesse looked at Drew, then at me. He set Drew on my lap. I however, was sitting on a dirty hotel lobby floor. Drew kissed my cheek where Jesse had slapped me.

Drew: I make it feel better mommy.

I smiled at Drew.

Jesse: Aw, how cute.

He rolled his eyes and sat next to me.

Jesse: Hey Drew?

Drew looked at him.

Jesse: Watch this.

Jesse grabbed my face and pressed his lips to mine, he smelt of alcohol, which means he'd be a lot less observant.

Drew: Don't kiss mommy.

Jesse started Drew down. Drew hid his face in my shirt.

Becca: Stop scaring him, why do you even want him?

Jesse: I don't, he just got in the way of my plan. Now that I see how close you two are, I could use him..

Becca: If you lay a finger on my son, i'll kill your ass.

Jesse picked up Drew.

Jesse: Oops.

Drew: MOMMY!

Jesse: Shut the fuck up, kid.

Becca: Drew, it's okay, mommy is still here. Please just set him back down.

I was practically begging him, now. Jesse set him down on my lap and made sure my hands were tied tightly around a pole in the lobby.

Jesse: I know the kid won't leave you so, he shouldn't be tied up right?

Becca: Does it look like he's going to leave me?

Drew was hifing his head in my shirt and holding on to me for dear life. The only reason I wasn't bawling my eyes out right now was because I wouldn't want Drew to know how scared I was. I needed to be strong for him.

Jesse: If you leve, i'll find your ass, and kill your family in front of your eyes. Starting with your little husband.

Becca: I can't even move.

Jesse: Good, i'll be back in two hours.

He left and Drew rwmoved his head from my chest.

Becca: Drewbear?

Drew: Yes mommy?

Becca: I need you to run, as fast as you can, get anybody, Scream 'help me', tell somebody say My name is Drew Bieber and I need my daddy, okay? And then tell daddy where mommy is. Tell him mommy is at the old abandoned hotel, okay?

Drew: I can't leave mommy alone.

Becca: Yes you can, and I need you to, okay?

He nodded.

Becca: You're my little fighter, no matter what, okay?

Drew nodded and I kissed him.

Becca: I love you Drewbear, be safe.

I saw him run as fast as his little legs could take him, I heard him scream 'Help me'. I knew he was going to do what I told him to do, but I didn't know if he'd do it in enough time. Even though I was risking my life, I knew no matter if I stayed alive or died because of my decision, Drew was going to be safe.

That's all I could ask for.






*Nobody's POV*

As Drew finally got to Justin, It had been an hour and a half later, leaving them only a half an hour until Jesse would get back. Justin didn't know if he would do it in enough time, but he knew, no matter what, he would fight for that girl.

Even if it meant he was going to die doing it.







*AN Dun Dun DUHHH Sooo, whatcha think? Drew is her little fighter <3 Soo, i'll try and update tomorrow, MAYBE tonight if I get ATLEAST 5 comments tonight :) ((PS. Justin gave Drew and Carter to Corey and Dakota while he searches for Becca)) What will Corey find out when he finally finds out Justin and Dakota, MAY HAVE ((Not Official)) slept with each other :O Until tomorrow.... or tonight ;)

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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