Forever & Always

This is the third and final book to the series 'Brother's Best Friend' Justin and Becca, now have two children. Jesse is now out of jail. Lyssa now has another baby she wants. Justin has some problems. An accident could ruin their family...

Okay guys, I decided to make this because I realize how much you all love it. This is probably the last book. I'm not quite sure yet. I love you all so so so much. You guys are absolutely amazing <3


6. Knocked Out

I couldn't just stay where I was. I had to go see Justin. I didn't care if Jesse got me, I just needed to make sure Justin was okay.

Becca: Drew, Do NOT leave this closet okay? If anybody comes in and tries to pick you up other than mommy and daddy, i'm going to need you to scream as loud as you can. If he tries to pick up Carter either, you scream. Mommy will be back in five minutes.

Drew gave me a hug and a kiss.

I stood up and took a look at my children. Drew was laying with Carter, protecting her.

I opened the closet door and stepped out. I closed it behind me and slowly walked out of the room. I heard voices from downstairs. I was scared, but they might have been like, dragging Justin's body out of my house right now.

I kept walking until I was on the stairs. I looked down and the person was getting up. I walked downstairs and saw Justin standing by a body.

Becca: J-Justin?

He looked up.

Justin: Baby what are you doing down here?
Becca: I-I needed to make sure you were okay...

Justin: What if Jesse was down here?

Becca: I, just needed to make sure you weren't hurt

Justin walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: He's gone.

I looked back and the body on the floor was getting up. The person held their hand to their head. They turned around and it was COrey.

Becca: Oh my god, what happened?

Corey: Your husband smacked me off the top of my head right after I shooed Jesse away.

Justin: I thought he was Jesse..

Becca: Wait? You shooed Jesse away? How?

Corey: I told him I was going to call the cops. He gave me a dirty glare, then he started running away.

I looked up at Justin and he shrugged. I just wrapped my arms around him and held him close. He picked me up off the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He mumbled into my hair.

Justin: I love you baby.

I closed my eyes as I pressed my face to his neck.

Becca: I gotta get Drew and Carter, Carter's probably freaking..

Corey: I'll get them. Just relax, I heard Jesse scared you, A LOT.

I nodded then buried my head back into his neck.

I know I probably sound like a horrible mother, but I just really needed Justin right now.

He held me close and I closed my eyes as he pressed his lips to my forehead.


I woke up on the couch. My head was in his lap and Carter was across from me on the opposite couch in Corey's arms. Drew was laying on top of my stomach.

Justin: Sorry i'm not laying with you, Drew made me sit up so he could lay with you.

Becca: It's okay... what time is it?

Justin: It's about 10, why?

Becca: I just was wondering... Should we tuck the kids in? Corey can use the spare bedroom if he doesn't want to walk home.

Justin: Okay baby, I'll get Drew.

Justin slid out from underneath me. He then picked up Drew off of me. Drew automatically wrapped his arms around Justin's neck and fell back to his deep sleep.

I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the two without them knowing. I logged on to instagram and uploaded the picture with the caption 'Drew and his Daddy, my two favorite boys' I smiled and logged out.

Justin: What are you doing over there?

Becca: Nothing..

I sat up and walked over to Corey and Carter.

Corey: She's adorable Becca.

I smiled at him.

Becca: Thank you

I reached out and took her from his arms. She opened her eyes as she was getting passed over to me. She was going to cry, but our eyes met and she stared at me for a second.

Becca: It's okay baby. It's only mommy.

I smiled at her and she fluttered her eyes closed and grabbed hold of her shirt. I heard a click and I looked at Justin. His phone was facing me and he smiled at me.

Corey: Busteddd.

I smiled at Corey.

Becca: You can stay the night if you need to.

Corey: Nah, I need to go home and see my baby. We can have breakfast tomorrow though.

Becca: We'll have it here. Be safe. And thank you for everything.

He nodded and walked out the door. I made sure it was locked before we walked upstairs. Justin and I both went into different rooms to put the children in bed.


We met in our room and I smiled at him. I started getting undressed to put my pajamas on.

Justin: Woah, I didn't think it was one of those nights.

I looked back at Justin and he wiggled his eyebrows.

Becca: It's not you pervert.

I smiled at him and he winked at me.

Justin: Come here little girl.

Justin said it in a really creepy voice which made me laugh.

Right after I slid on my pajamas Justin ran over to me, threw me over his shoulders, and carried me over to the bed.He threw me on the bed. I started laughing and then he pecked my lips.

Becca: Not tonightttt.

I whined at him.

Justin: I knoww.

I smiled at him.

Justin: I just wanted you in bed..

I smiled at him.

Becca: Then let me get in my spot.

Justin let me go and I crawled up to my side of the bed. He laid next to me and turned on the television. Nothing really interesting on...

I curled up in his arms.

Justin: Did you know, that I love you?

Becca: I love you so so much Justin.

I pressed my lips to his and he pulled my body clsoer to his.

Justin: More than anything.

Becca: More than everything.

I smiled at him before I buried my head in his chest.


I woke up and Justin was nowhere to be found. I sat up and went into the kids rooms. Neither of them were there. I walked to the kitchen and there was dishes in the sink, but still no Justin , Carter, and Drew. I started freaking a little bit in my mind.

I walked over to the counter and saw a note.

Hi Baby :*,

I had breakfast with Dakota and Corey,so don't mind the dishes in the sink. I'm taking the kids to the park, ,i'd love if you joined us. Before you come, call me so i don't come home and you're missing. I REALLY want you to come, so get dressed and come meet us at the park you lazy bum!

I love you so so so much baby Xx


I smiled at the note and ran upstairs and got Dressed. I pulled one of Justin's shirts over my head, I pulled on skinny jeans and my sandals.I tucked in his shirt and applied some makeup and departed from the house. I picked up my phone and dialled Justin's number.

Becca: Hi Baby, i'm coming.

Justin: Okay good! Where are you?

Becca: I'm at Washington Ave. I should be there in five minutes, 7 at the most.

Justin: I'll be expecting you princess.

I smiled at his comment.

Becca: Okay, well-

Justin: Baby, stay on the phone with me until you're in my sight, I wanna make sure you're okay.

Becca: Okay, If it makes you feel better.

We talked a bit. Until I was tapped on the shoulder.

Becca: Yes?

I turned around and I was being knocked out. The last thing I heard before my world was Justin's voice, panicing, asking me what happened.

But I couldn't answer.

I was being dragged away.


















Who is it?

Why did they do it?

What's Justin going to do?

How are the kids going to react?

What about Forever & Always?

Who knows what's going to happen?

Until Next time..

Stay Beautiful Xx

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