Forever & Always

This is the third and final book to the series 'Brother's Best Friend' Justin and Becca, now have two children. Jesse is now out of jail. Lyssa now has another baby she wants. Justin has some problems. An accident could ruin their family...

Okay guys, I decided to make this because I realize how much you all love it. This is probably the last book. I'm not quite sure yet. I love you all so so so much. You guys are absolutely amazing <3


11. Gone Forever

*Nobody's POV*

He entered the house. Searching for his love.

Searching for the woman he longed for.

The woman he loved.

He ignored the television that was on still.

"Baby?" He said. "I'm home"

He saw a piece of paper laying on the kitchen counter.

The paper had dried tears on it.

It seemed as though, each word he read, the more horror spread upon his face.

Then he silently mumbled 'My baby'

He started running through the house; as If he was searching for something.

His eyes fell upon her.

There she laid.

Lifeless on the ground of their bedroom.

He fell to his knees and screamed.

He took her in his arms and ran his hands through her hair.

Tears streamed down his face, onto her chest.

'No, baby' he cried.

In that moment, he realized what was happening. He realized he was loosing the love of his life.

In that moment, he regretted not showing her how much he loved her. He regretted not even telling her how much he loved her.

He regretted not hugging her, not even giving her one last kiss before leaving.

Everything he didn't say to her he now regretted. He would never choose anybody over her. He thought for sure she knew that.

He didn't move. He couldn't move.

He did not want to leave her body there, even though, she herself, wasn't there.

His cries filled the room.

His love was lost.

Until he realized.

Maybe she could be saved, maybe he had one last chance with her.

Or maybe, she's gone. Gone forever.












*AN This was REALLLLYYY short, but it's because it was in nobody's POV...


Next chapter may-or may not be the last chapter... we'll see, I need feedback SO COMMENT FAST AND I'LL START NEXT CHAPTER! SO COMMENT NOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW

Ilysfm <333

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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