Forever & Always

This is the third and final book to the series 'Brother's Best Friend' Justin and Becca, now have two children. Jesse is now out of jail. Lyssa now has another baby she wants. Justin has some problems. An accident could ruin their family...

Okay guys, I decided to make this because I realize how much you all love it. This is probably the last book. I'm not quite sure yet. I love you all so so so much. You guys are absolutely amazing <3


5. Falling

I froze up for a second. Jesse just stared back at me with cold, dark eyes. I came back to reality and slammed the front door shut and locked it.

I ran into the kitchen and picked up Drew.

Drew: What's wrong Mommy?

I didn't have time to say anything to him. I ran up the stairs. I went into carters room and picked her up with my free hand.

I wasn't going to let Jesse touch my babies. I ran into my bedroom and ran into Justin as i opened the bedroom door.

Justin: Baby, what's wrong?

I couldn't speak. Tears just came down my cheeks.

Justin took Carter and Drew and set them on the bed.

Justin walked back over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: Baby, what's wrong?

Becca: Jesse, he-was downstairs..

Justin pulled me closer.

Justin: I'm not going to let him lay a finger on you.

He lt go of me and started walking to the door.

Becca: No, Justin, No...

I grabbed his arm and tried to pull him back.

Justin: Baby, i'm just going to check it he's he-

Becca: No Justin, please you're gonna get hurt.

My tears kept running down my face.

Justin: Baby, I gott-

Becca: No, then I will-

Justin: No you're fucking not.

Becca: If you can then I should be able t-

Justin: No!

Becca: The kids need a dad

Justin: They need a mom! And I know if Jesse gets you, then he's not going to kill you, he's going to take you from me, and he's going to rape you, and you're going to have his children, and then he's going to try and kill our family so he's the only one you can have. I can't have him raping you, i know you would hate that and I can't watch you suffer...

I heard the downstairs door close and I looked back at my children. Drew was laying with Carter, they were both asleep, I had no clue how they were sleeping.

Justin: Becca, take the kids and go in the closet.

We had a walk in closet, so it wasn't cramped.

I looked at him with hurt eyes. I didn't want to leave Justin.

I pulled him into a hug and held my arms around his neck. His arms pulled me into a tight hug. My lips pressed against his and my hands cupped his face and kept his lips against mine. I didn't want to pull away, but I knew I had to.

Becca: I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you too baby.

I grabbed the kids and walked into the closet and locked the door.

I few seconds later I heard something break, and then I heard a body fall.

I froze.













*AN Sorry it's so short, I just wanted to put something out there for you...

What do you think's gonna happen?

Was it Justin who fell?

Where's Jesse?

Will Becca, Drew, and Carter be okay?

Who knows?

I do ;)

Until Next chapter :)

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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