Suicide Hotline *How To Save A Life*

For the Inspired by a song competition
What happens when the person you love calls 'Suicide Hotline' and you answer the phone?


2. Chapter 1.

Good Morning. What's the point of saying it if the morning isn't particularly good. I get up and pause to look at Ruthie. She's looking particularly beautiful today. I don't waste my time to wake her up. She'd just get pissed and scream at me.

I get ready to go to the 'Suicide Hotline' center. I wear my suit and tie and walk out the door.

I started working at 'Suicide Hotline' a year ago after I had come out about my depression. I've saved many of lives but, once there was a girl. Her name was Meredith Quincy. She was a friend I had known from secondary school. She called the 'Suicide Hotline' at the age of 28. I wasn't to surprised to get her call. She had always been a outcast and said she'd die young. When she called it was to late she was in to much pain. I couldn't save her.

I enter my office with my phone already ringing. I hurry and unpack so I can answer the phone. When I pick up I hear Ruthie, My Ruthie. 

"Hi what's your name."

"Ruthie, Ruthie Maxes." My last name. My Ruthie. Calling 'Suicide Hotline' and it comes to my office.

"Why do you want to kill yourself Ruthie."

"When I was 16-." She tells me how she was raped at the age of 16 and she put her baby up for adoption and now he's at her front doorstep. She talks about how she's confused and wants to call me her husband but, doesn't know how to tell me. Also, how she's about to jump off our balcony.

"Miss, you shouldn't kill yourself because of this. Call your husband. I promise you it will be ok."

"I hope my husband understands me like you."

"He will. I know how you feel. My ex-wife did this to me." I hang up.

I go to the bathroom and wash my face. My phone begins to ring. I ignore the call I don't need to hear the edited version of the story. I call in sick and go home.


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