The Styles Triplets

Three brothers with three different personalities. The smart one, the badass, and the sensitive one. Who would figure we would fight over the same girl, and do whatever it takes to make her one of ours. This will be war. Whose side are you on? ****Created for @Down_For_1D and @harrystyles_no on Twitter**** One-Shot (4 chapters, max.)


2. Social Butterfly

I pull into my usual parking space. As soon as I get out I'm surrounded by people. This is my group. I liked it. I enjoyed the attention. 

"Ladies!" It wasn't me. I looked up and saw Ed. "If you ever want to get fucked by a real man, I'm here." 

I rolled my eyes. "Go get high, Ed!" I yelled back.

"Already done, Harry," he smiled his smirk. The same smirk that was shared between myself, him, and Mar. He soon walked away and the girls held on tighter as some of my other friends joined by my side. 

It didn't last long though. Soon loud music and terrible singing filled the parking lot. 

"What the hell?" I questioned as I rose above the crowd and looked towards the suspecting people. "What?"

I could be imagining what I was seeing, right? Emma's car, my brother, no. 

I push myself through the crowd and towards Em's parking lot. "Well I didn't know you were doing charity," I crossed my arms as she smiled at me from the driver's seat. 

"Well I didn't know you could be so mean to your brother. Oh, wait. I did know that. When are you and Ed ever going to be nice to him?" 

"When he stops shopping in our grandfather's closet," said Ed. "You didn't have to bring him, Em."

"And let him walk?"

"No," I interjected. "I'm sure Mum would've taken him, besides there is the bus."

She rolled her eyes, her bottom lip caught in between her teeth. Damn. "Well next time you two can take the bus as I dismantle the breaks in your cars."

"Wow, you're pleasant this morning," Ed smirked. I copied him. She would buckle under us soon. 

Except I should know better, that she never will buckle under anyone. 

"I'm sorry," said Mar as he came around the car. "I should've just let Mum take me."

"Yes!" Ed and I said together but at the same time Em was interrupting.

"No," she said sternly. "It's not your fault, Mar. Come on, we have class." She said her words with her teeth closed tight. 

Her and Mar soon walked towards the school together.

"She's pissed," I said to Ed. 

"Marcel?" Ed couldn't believe it either. 

"What should we do?" I asked. 

"Make his life a living hell," said Ed. 

"I thought we already do that."

"No, this time we will make hell look better." 

I nodded as I looked back to Em and Mar and smiled. I didn't care that Mar was my brother or a triplet, he's stepping in my way. He'll have to be taken care of. 


"So, Marcel," I said as I leaned against the lockers. He was reaching for his calculus book which means he was heading to class with Emma. "You and Em?"

"W-What? N-No H-Harry," he stuttered. He was nervous and I'm glad I could intimidate him to the point of stuttering. "Emma, s-she's not s-somone who would b-be with me." 

"Then who should she be with?"

He shut his locker. "I don't know. Maybe….uh, maybe someone nice. I think Josh would be a good match."

"Josh? Josh the captain of the art team?"

He smiled like he scored higher than advance on finals. "Yeah."

I narrowed my eyes. This was ridiculous, he was mocking me. I took my hand and brought it down hard on his books, dropping them to the floor. "Oh, sorry," I muttered. 

"Asshole," he said before he crouched down to pick up his books. I joined him at the floor. 

"Stay away from Em," I started. "Do you honestly think you have a chance with a girl like her?"

"Do you honestly think she'll be with someone like you?" He shot back. Marcel was bullied and he could never stand up to them, but I'm his brother. He felt privileged to stand up to me and it just pissed me off more. 

"I'm warning you," I spoke roughly. 

"Mar, do you have everything?" 

We both looked up to see Emma. 

"Oh, yea," said Mar as he stood up. "Just dropped my books. I'm such a klutz." 

She smiled, "You're so funny. Walk me to class?"


"Bye Harry," said Em over her shoulder. 

I slid my teeth together. I would get her if it was the last thing I do. 

~~Marcel's POV~~

"Mar, you need to stop letting Harry and Ed get to you like that," said Emma beside me as we walked to our calc class. 

"I don't let them get to me," I lied. "They're my brothers, what else do you want them to do?" 

"They should at least respect their brother, weren't you born first anyway?" 

I shrugged. Actually I was nine minutes and twenty-seven seconds older than Ed. Harry was the youngest, and I was older than him by twenty-two minutes and forty-two seconds. 

"Well I think you are the most experienced."

"W-What?" I looked at her. "Actually I know Harry and Ed are both most experienced."

"Not like that, Mar. You are experienced, because you're smart. You observe everything while your brothers are oblivious to it. You know more than they ever will." 

"They don't need school though. Harry has modeling and Ed has illegal methods. They have everything right in front of them."

"No they don't," she stopped in the hallway and it caught me off guard. She placed her hand on my forearm. "They don't have me."

My eyebrows rose. "Well--."

"I'm not stupid either. I know how all three of you look at me. I know how Harry talks about me. I know how Ed draws me. I know how my bedroom window is perfectly aligned with yours."

I choked on my spit. No one knew that. "I-I--."

She smiled, "I'm not mad. I find it a turn-on, you being able to watch me undress."

I couldn't breathe. She smiled once more before turning around and entering the classroom. I placed my hand on the wall. I felt like I ran a marathon. I didn't know what to do. 

I heard the bell ring and I quickly entered the classroom and sat in my seat beside Em. My mouth was dry, my forehead sweaty. 

The teacher started to speak and that's when I felt her hand on my thigh. I quickly put my hand to my mouth.

"For fuck's sake," I muttered into my knuckles. 

~~Edward's POV~~

I sat in the bathroom windowsill with the window open. A cigarette was in my fingers, the fumes moving from my lips. 

The bathroom door opened and I snapped my head to the door. 

"Hello Headmaster Keaton," I waved. 

"Hello Mr. Styles," he waved back as he entered a stall. All the male teachers knew I used the bathroom as a smoking stall. They couldn't blame me, they do the same thing. I wasn't really here to smoke though, I extinguished the cigarette and closed the window. 

"Hey Keaton?" I started as I stepped down from the windowsill. 

"Yes Edward?" His muffled voice from inside the stall. 

"I was wondering if you could possibly help me out with something."

"What do you want Styles?" 

"Oh nothing really difficult to get. I would just like to move Emma James from the third block calc class to the third block trig class." 

"I can't do that," he muttered. The toilet flushed and he soon faced me. 

"Why not?" 

"Well Emma is in a calculus class, her moving to a trigonometry class would mean she is moving down a math level."

"Then what's higher than calc?" 

"Nothing. Our highest math level is calculus. Why do you want her moved anyways?" He begun to wash his hands and I went for the most innocent answer. 

"Marcel's in that class and I really need math tutoring."

"He lives with you," he reached for a paper towel. 

"Well he's busy with his own homework when we are home."

"I'm sorry Ed, I really am, but I can't do anything. Emma's in high levels and gets high marks, I couldn't take that away from her." 

"What if she begun to do poorly in her high leveled courses?" 

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Styles don't ruin a student's high marks. Emma and every other hard working student deserves the grades he or she gets. If I find out you are messing with someone else's grades I'll make sure you're little smoking hangout is shut down."

I stood up straighter, exhaling. "Fine. I won't mess with anyone's grades."

"Good, have a good day," he said finally as he left the bathroom. 

"I didn't say I couldn't mess with her though," I muttered, smiling to myself. I leaned back against the tile wall before lighting another cigarette. 

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